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Rimmel London Exaggerate Auto Waterproof Eye Definer

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Rimmel London Exaggerate Auto Waterproof Eye Definer is a retractable eye crayon that features a built-in smudger for blending. The soft and creamy textured eyeliner is highly pigmented and waterproof, and is available in several finishes from creamy matte to high metallic. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. 

Available in seven shades.


Rimmel London Exaggerate Auto Waterproof Eye Definer


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Not long lasting for me

I didn't like this at all. I didn't find it to be long wearing and smudged even upon application. Did not find it very easy to apply for a pencil and just looked like I had not wiped my makeup off from the night before
I love making my eyes look big (who doesn't) and that's why I always have a liner or eye pencil in my bag - and this little beauty is so good that I can't imagine stepping out without it now. I got it in metallic grey color and loving it. A bit of change from black but still dark enough, just the right amount of glitter and it's so smooth to apply. While the twist up function is what I always look for, this time it's the little soft tip at end that has won my heart - smoky eyes are a piece of cake now. Long lasting, comes off easily and never makes my eyes burn (a lot of eye make-up products do). Absolutely nothing that I don't like.
I've been using these eyeliners for a few years now, and while they're not perfect, they're generally good everyday, basic liners. The eyeliner conveniently comes in the form of a retractable crayon, with a smudger tip and a sharpener at the other end, which makes it perfect for travelling. I also really like how creamy and pigmented the formula is, making application so smooth, simple and eye-friendly with no dragging at all. Another remarkable aspect of these eyeliners is how beautiful and rich the colours are! I own four different colours, of which my favourites are the brown and plum shades. The brown, in particular, is lovely for the daytime, and I imagine it would look great for most people, regardless of their skin tone or eye colour. I use these liners to achieve smokey looks as well as more defined lines with no problem. However, with my oily lids and aversion to primers, the colour does transfer onto my lids, which is why I prefer the smudgy, smokey look with these liners. Pros: - Glides on smoothly - Pigmented - Good range of colours - Retractable, no sharpening required - Fragrance-free - Great value Cons: - Transfers onto eyelids - Not super long-lasting - Not cruelty free In spite of its tendency to transfer onto eyelids, it doesn't budge much beyond that. Overall, with its smooth, velvety application and rich pigmented formula, this would be a great inexpensive option for those with non-oily lids or who don't mind the extra step of priming their eyelids.
I think I may have bought over 20 of these in the last few years! This has been my preferred waterline eyeliner for the longest time. Why, you ask? This is a slim wind up pencil that is easy to sue and carry around. There is a smudger on one end, and a sharpener that you can detach from the pencil if you need the tip of it to be pointy.  I love how easy it is to use, and that it holds incredibly well on the waterline. What I also love about it is that it doesn't smudge my contact lens and obscure my view! This comes in a range of shades, but I always have a black one one me.  Overall, I would consider this a staple for my makeup kit!
Staple product in my makeup collection The Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer is an amazing everyday essential for me. I use the shade Rich Brown, which is rich deep dark chocolate colour which is flattering against my dark brown eye colour. The application is smooth and creamy with great colour payoff and opacity in a single stroke. I love that this is a retractable pencil which I find convenient so I do not have to worry about sharpening and carrying a sharpener when I travel. I also find the sponge tip on the base of the pencil very useful for blending out the liner and creating a beautiful smudgy effect if desired.  Pros Convenient packaging that doesn't require sharpening Great colour selection Creamy smooth liner that stays in the waterline all day Cons Can get a little firm in cold weather Overall, i would recommend this to anyone looking for a great performing liner for a great price. There is a lovely range of colours that will suit most peoples needs and eye colours. The Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer is a standout product from Rimmel that I repurchase repeatedly due to it's great performance, long wear time and value for money
This eyeliner is one of  my favourite pencils/crayons out of all that I have ever tried. I have bought this eyeliner in a couple of different shades but the one that is my favourite and that I repeatedly repurchase is the shade 262 "Blackest Black".   The formula for this eye liner is wonderful. It is creamy and smooth and the application is so easy. You don't have to use much pressure to get a bold colour as the pencil is very soft and pigmented, unlike some other eyeliners which require you to scrape across your eyelid quite hard to get a good result.   I use it on both my upper eyelid as well as my waterline. It is very easy to get a thin straight line and it doesn't disappear after an hour either. The wear is good on my waterline as well and doesn't fade away as quickly as other eyeliners I have tried. I also found no fallout either, there is no smudging under the eye even after several hours wear. I have had no issue with transference on the upper eyelid at all and it dries very quickly.   One thing that I don't like is the 'smudger' on the end of the pencil. It is supposed to be used to get a Smokey eye effect but I never use it and feel that it doesn't really have a purpose. What is great about the products design is that it is a twist pencil and therefore you don't have to worry about sharpening the pencil or it going blunt at all.   The product, packaging and price are all great and this is definitely amongst my favourite eyeliner pencils, it is a staple in my make-up bag and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a great eyeliner.