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Rimmel London Glam’Eyes Professional Liquid Liner

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Create a precise line in just one stroke with the Rimmel London Glam’Eyes Professional Liquid Liner. The fine brush lines eyes with an intense black formula for dramatic definition.


Rimmel London Glam’Eyes Professional Liquid Liner


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I don't love this. I will use it until it dries out but will not repurchase. I'm pretty sure I picked it up half price in the supermarket so the price was ok I guess but I'd rather spend more on a product I actually like. And I actually like pen type liquid liners much better.  I find the brush not so easy to apply and harder to control as well and I'm usually pretty confident with eye liner application.  The product takes a little time to dry and I'm impatient so I have a tendency to smudge this. Possibly more my problem than the actual liner but I don't have the same problem with others I've used.  The colour is dark and intense, which is a positive and it does seem to be long lasting.  I also find it slightly irritating to my skin as it dries, which is unusual for me as nothing else seems to bother my skin.  It's not an awful product, the price point is good too  but it's not for me. 
This is my go to, everyday eyeliner, creating an incredibly slick, precise look. The product is amazing value for money, and will last many months even with regular use. The thin applicator ensures you can create a detailed look, such as a winged eye with ease. You can really use this eyeliner day or night, dressed up or down, I usually just use a thin application on my upper eyelid for a causal look, where as I team this product with a pencil eyeliner (used on the lower lash line) for a more dramatic, evening look. A downside to this product is overtime I've found the applicator can become thicker and even separate, in which case create a smooth, precise look can be a challenge.  The eyeliner itself will stay on very well, and using an additional setting spray will ensure it lasts all night long! Even without a setting spray, the eyeliner will rarely smudge with the exception of very heavy sweating or tears. I recommend waiting just a few minutes after application for the product to dry completely, before continuing with your makeup routine.This is a hands down 10/10 liquid eyeliner, suitable for all age groups and creates a diverse range of looks. 
I adore this liquid eyeliner! I find this product very easy to apply. The applicator is thin and flexible, allowing for a precise application. The colour pay off is fantastic, leaving an intense black line. I find that I can create an everyday winged eyeliner with this, yet easily build it up to a more intense look.  This product is fantastic value for money and I would highly recommend.