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Selfcare Social Social Skin Co. LED Light Therapy Mask

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Selfcare Social Social Skin Co. LED Light Therapy Mask is a 3-in-1 LED mask that includes red, blue and amber light therapy. The red light is used for overall anti-ageing. It also stimulates collagen production, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, as well as working as an anti-inflammatory. The blue light eliminates acne-causing bacteria and prevents breakouts. Meanwhile, the amber light boosts circulation and promotes oxygen levels within the skin cells to detox, heal scars and sun damage, while promoting overall radiance. Created to provide a cost-effective, convenient, advanced spa-like treatment that allows users to reap the benefits of light therapy at home. It is recommended for use as part of a weekly skincare routine between 2-4 times per week, for approximately 15-30mins, however it’s completely safe to use as often and for as long as you like.


Selfcare Social Social Skin Co. LED Light Therapy Mask


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Lightweight & I can move around with it on

I loved how light this was to wear compared with my other LED mask (wihch is heavy and I musts lay down when wearing it). This one also is easy to recharge on the laptop even while wearing it! It is easy to see through the eye gap and with no harsh lights on the eyes so I don't feel the need to wear protector goggles with this at all. I can even move about quite freely. Downside is that it isn't as strong and bright so probably not really as effective as the other brighter one's on the market. This one does however different colours to choose from and is a great price for those starting out with buying a LED beauty mask. I do find it is a gentle mask in it's effects but very easy to wear and use. It is also a good price to start with too. Being more practical to wear I find I use this more often than my heavier lay-down one.
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Easy to use but not super effective

I was very curious to try the Social Skin Co. LED Light Therapy Mask unfortunately I didn’t see much of a result. I mostly used the blue light due to my naturally oily and acne prone skin. I felt like it slightly reduced the amount of oil on my skin but didn’t have a huge impact on my acne. The mask itself is fairly easy to use. There is a power button on the side which you press to turn on. To change to a different light setting you simply press the button until you find the desired setting. To turn off you hold the power button until it switches off. The charging system is also simple and consists of a USB plug which plugs into any USB port. To wear the mask you put on like a pair of sunglasses and it is generally pretty comfortable. The mask when on is quite bright and harsh on the eyes, so in my opinion it is best used laying down with eyes closed. This makes it a little limited as you can’t really go about your business while wearing. I tried the mask over a 4 week period in 15 minute increments here and there and didn’t see much change. I found that I really didn’t have a whole lot of downtime to sit and use it consistently. I think I would need a little longer to really see if there is any benefit to the mask including trying the different settings. For me so far, it is just not something I would really include in my skin care regime.
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A bit odd, but strangely effective

I was very surprised by this product. I had heard of light therapy before, and with the way the sun affects the skin, it made sense that light could have a positive impact as well. I used this in the mornings, alternating between blue light for antibacterial, and yellow, for an overall glow. I did notice that after a week of use I was finding my skin felt healthier, it seemed more radiant. I seemed to have fewer pimples, and the ones I did have were less severe. It was more convenient to wear the mask than I thought, my hubby did find it odd, but i was able to still do most normal things, like reading on my phone, or watching tv, so it was easy to integrate wearing the mask into my routine. It's a worthwhile investment for long term results.
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Genuinely surprised by this LED mask!

I was lucky enough to receive the Social Skin Co. LED Light Therapy Mask as part of the BEAUTY/crew VIP Box and I was really intrigued to try this out; I’ve never tried any kind of LED Light Therapy for skincare, and I was sceptical but willing to be proven wrong. I found this product really interesting - for me it didn’t have an immediate effect but I’ve been using it twice weekly for about 6 weeks now, alternating between the red, blue and amber lights and I definitely think it’s helped with my hormonal acne and in brightening my skin.
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A great way to get an LED treatment at home.

I was really interested to try the Social Skin Co. LED Light Therapy Mask because I have only ever had LED Mask treatments in a salon and had never tried them at home. It comes in a lovely white box to keep it safe and charges via USB cable, which is fantastic because it mean't that I could wear it while fluttering around the house or watching TV. The mask is a clear plastic with light beams running through it and the clear sheet is attached to a white sunglasses style frame to hold it on your face. There are multiple settings to use, depending on whether you are after - Blue is for acne and to kill bacteria, red is to slow the signs of ageing and amber is for brightening and pigmentation which is what I used it for. I really enjoyed using the mask because it was easy and I am definitely starting to see an improvement with the brightness in my skin so I am looking forward to seeing results after using it long term.

Great addition to my routine

I was so excited to trial this LED light mask out. I have seen different brands onsocials and I was over the moon when I was selected for this VIP box. I mostly used this mask on the red setting which targets anit-ageing concerns. Pending your concern, there is also the blue light for targeting acne-causing skin types and amber to boost circulation and promote oxygen levels. I used the red light once a day for 15 - 30 minutes between 3 - 4 times a week. I used the mask after I cleansed my skin and applied my moisturising skincare products. I tried to avoid using the mask when I applied any strong ingredients like Retinol. It's easy to incorporate the mask into your routine. I used it in the evening while watching TV. While wearing the mask I didn't feel anything in particular on my skin which yiou can often feel with skincare products. The only thing I could feel from time to time which wasn't a problem was the heat generated from the mask which you would expect. After the 3 - 4 week trial period I have noticed my skin appears clearer. The fine lines around my eye area have softened and the appear of my skin overall feels brighter.
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Easy to use and amazing introduction to LED.

I am very new to the LED light therapy game, but this was a great way to transition into it. The social skin co LED mask is incredibly easy to use, and an amazing way to feel like you are having a mini facial in the comfort of your home. Over the past few weeks I have trialled all 3 settings when needed, and feel like there was a noticeable difference after just using for a week straight. The amber setting really helped with blemishes and plumping the skin, where the red really gave me that added anti-ageing glow. I look forward to adding this tool to my nighttime skincare routine moving forward. Would highly recommend to anyone in a similar position with wanting to add LED Light therapy into their day to day life at an entry level.

Level up your skincare!

This is a great device that is easy to use in the comfort of your own home. I have always been interested in LED devices and was so thankful to be gifted this as a part of the VIP box. I am however sceptical about LED light and am yet to understand if it is effective in doing what it claims, though my mentality is that I'd rather do this and hope it does what it claims than not at all! What's 15mins of looking a little ridiculous around the house if it means I do get the benefits of anti aging, anti acne and reduction of pigmentation. I really work hard to treat my skin with care, from the inside out. Using collagen and skincare daily, I feel like this device has worked an extra element into my routine and really levelled it up. I do find if hard to comment on the results as it's hard to tell the effects it has on the skin at this stage, however I love the convenience and ease of use! I love knowing I am doing all I can for my skin.
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Easy to use, light therapy mask!

I saw this product all over social media, and I could not wait to give it a go! It was easy to use and very convenient, I feel like I'm getting professionally pampered every time I used it! It's comfortable to wear; you can walk around with it on - for example you could be washing the dishes, working away on your computer, watching TV, etc getting on with life without worrying about it falling off. It works by charging it via USB, and it doesn't need to be plugged in to use it. There is 3 different light therapy settings, which I think is great to target a variety of different skin needs/concerns - something for everyone! I can't wait to continue using this mask, as I feel like it is making a difference to my skin. I would recommend this product to my family and friends in the future!
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Great for stepping up your skincare routine

Thank you beautycrew for sending me this to try. I used to go to the salon for led light treatments and having this means I no longer need to do that. It might seem expensive but you get your money’s worth after a few sessions. I like that there are multiple light options and the ease of use and charging. It is a bit stiff on the nose though and it can start to get uncomfortable after a few minutes. Not too bad but there is definetly room for improvement on that front. But I am overall very satisfied with this product as it has allowed me to step up my skincare routine.
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Convenient for home

I have never used an at home LED mask before and have only used it during a facial. This product is extremely convenient. I can now have my treatment at home. There's red blue and orange light up address different concerns. The mask is plastic and can be a bit scratchy I think it can be improved. It's charged via a USB which is really handy. It sits on your face like a pair of glasses, however it hurts my nose when it sits on my face. I think that can be improved too so the mask can be more comfortable.