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shu uemura tsuya skin essence

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shu uemura tsuya skin essence is a skin regenerating essence designed to boost cell renewal and levels of pro-collagen to leave skin soft and rejuvenated.


shu uemura tsuya skin essence


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The Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin Youth Radiance Generator is a game changer. I have been using some fairly high end serums in the past decade and nothing really makes such a dramatic difference to my skin like this eesence does. I noticed a difference in my skin in just 3 days (even though Shu Uemura claims that this would make a difference in 7 days - this is perhaps the first time any skincare product over-delivers!) There is a slight viscosity in the texture of this essence - it feels like "thick water". There is also a pearlescence sort of colour to it - not sparkly - more like the colour of liquid pearl. I apply the essence twice a day after cleansing and toning. The essence spread very evenly across skin. It is best to apply on moist skin as it sinks into moist skin more effectively. I absolutely adore how the liquid pearl colour transforms into a luminous healthy glow without any sparkle or oiliness. Makeup can also be applied directly on top of the essence, and the essence acts as an illuminator to provide a natural luminous finish. After using the essence twice a day for 3 days I noticed my skin is significantly more radiant. Skin is also more soft and supple. Makeup blends in a lot more evenly, and I have repurchased it straight away after finishing my first bottle. The product itself comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. While I like the hygienic dropper feature, I found the glass bottle to be quite heavy. Although it feels luxurious to use, it is not the most convenient for travelling. The dropper also does not reach all the way to the bottom of the bottle and there can be some wastage towards the end.