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Skin Republic 2 Step Brightening Vitamin C + Collagen Face Mask Sheet

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Skin Republic 2 Step Brightening Vitamin C + Collagen Face Mask Sheet is a two-step sheet mask treatment that contains a natural microdermabrasion facial scrub and a brightening anti-ageing facial treatment. The scrub in enriched with fruit acids to gently remove dead skin cells while the mask combines collagen, vitamin C and green tea to boost radiance levels, leaving skin glowing and looking more youthful.


Skin Republic 2 Step Brightening Vitamin C + Collagen Face Mask Sheet


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Instant Results!

Easy to use when following instructions, nice treat at home. I use this sometimes before a night out or applying my makeup makeup, gives your skin a nice instant glow and bright and smooth finish. I feel this also had some exfoliation results as my skin felt smoother and foundation applied smoother after use. Affordable price and can easily be bought from many different stores and supermarkets, face masks aren't an instant fix but this one works very nicely for instant cosmetic results! Put it in the fridge before use for nice cooling effort.

Instant results

Skin Republic face masks are a staple of mine but this is the first time I have tried the 2 stage Vit C + Collagen mask. Step 1 is a scrub to exfoliate dry and dead skin away meaning the serum in Step 2 can penetrate better. The scrub is not too harsh on your skin and very easy to use. Step 2 is the sheet mask. You simply apply and leave on for 15-20 minutes. After removing the sheet mask my skin is visibly brighter, smoother and firmer and so well hydrated. This mask has delivered instant results unlike so many others out there. I’ll definitely be repurchasing.
This makes my skin feel so amazing!!  The scrub that you rub in first is a life saver for dry skin; even after just doing this step I can already see a difference in how my skin looks.    Then after wearing the face mask my skin feels super hydrated and just looks glowing! This is part of my weekly routine now.