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Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet

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Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet is a radiance enhancing sheet mask enriched with vitamins C and E, and seven plant extracts that work to reduce the appearance of sun and age spots, and improve and even skin tone.


Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet


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After cleansing my face, I unwrapped the sheet mask and applied it to my face smoothing out any bubbles and ensuring contact with my skin. There was plenty of serum and I usually save the rest in the packet to use on the following days as a serum. The sheet mask was a very good fit for my face, slightly short in the forehead though I do have a high forehead so its not an unusual problem for me. I left it on for 20 mins but probably could have left it on for longer as there was still quite a bit of serum left on the sheet mask. I used my fingers to tap in the rest of the serum on face and it absorbed quite quickly. It did not leave a tacky or sticky finish which was fantastic. 
Skin Republic sure know how to do sheet masks that are budget friendly.  As with all Skin Republic masks the first thing you notice is how drenched in serum they are but yet they somehow don’t slide around your face. I applied this mask and sat down to relax with a magazine and after about 25 minutes removed and massaged in the remaining serum. Sometimes I keep the pouch with the excess serum for the next day, others I drench my arms and chest.  After removing the serum I noticed instantly my skin was brighter and had a ‘glow’ to it. It temporarily plumped up my fine lines so I’d consider using one of these before an event to give my skin that extra boost. Definitely repurchasing.
Sheet masks are very handy to use, there is no mess and no hassle to wash your face after using it. As with most sheet masks it did feel cold initially when applying it. This mask had more than enough serum for the size of it. After using the mask my skin felt soft and extremely moisturised. I don't know if it really brightened my skin or did anything for my sunspots but I will give this mask a few more tries.
Love love this mask! While their whole range is amazing, this one takes the cake for me!  Super hydrating and refreshing once applied. Once removed there is such a glisten on the cheekbones and overall just an added glow to the skin.  Great price point for $7.99 for the quality of the sheet mask.  Super easy to use, isn’t messy and there isn’t too much residue when it’s removed. Just enough to rub it in and the skin soaks it up. No nasty reactions or burning sensations, a real winner  Great product!!! 
I love this brand of sheet masks as a general rule, and this particular one is no exception. Hydrating, brightening and plumping. I use one of these masks at least once a week after a clay mask to re-hydrate my skin. I have sensitive acne prone skin and did not have any adverse reaction with this mask. LOVE!
I was definitely impressed with this mask! As a first time user of this brand, I was excited to see the results.   Sheet masks are super simple and straightforward to use. You simply take the mask out of the sachet and pull it over your face, ensuring all the slits and holes align with your features. As there is a lot of serum soaked in the mask, once I had set it on my face, I massaged the excess serum on my neck and decoletage. I left the mask on for 20-25 mins and once I was ready to remove, I simply peeled it off and massaged the excess serum on my face.  These masks are so convenient in that I don't need to wash or rinse off - the process is so simple.  After the serum fully absorbed, I surely noticed my skin looking brighter and more glowing than before and even more so the next morning.  The price point for this mask is excellent and even more so when they're on sale at the supermarket.  I am looking forward to trying the other masks in the range and have recommended this brand to my friends and family. 
I’ve now tried two of their face masks and it’s a brand I’d buy again. The face mask is on a serum soaked face sheet that you apply to your face. The masks provides a really great fit and there is more than enough rich serum to even extend to your neck, shoulders, chest and even the back of the hands.  I left this on for the required time and I had no skin irritation. My skin felt supple and had a fresh glow to it. These are great for a skin care treat. I also packed one in my suitcase to bring moisture back into my skin after a flight and it was lovely, so I will be doing that again!  
This was the first time I had used a Skin Republic product but after using the Brightening Vitamin C face mask sheet I will definitely be using this brand of masks in my beauty routine.    After thoroughly cleansing my skin I unfolded the mask from the pack and placed it on my face, smoothing the mask out to make sure it was entirely in contact with mys kin.  The fit was perfect for me, taking the mask right to the edges and tucking it under my jaw and chin.  The cut-out holes for the eyes, nose and mouth were also perfectly aligned to my features.    The mask is loaded with serum and I was able to apply the excess serum from the mask and from the pack all down my neck and décolletage, and over my hands.    I kept the mask in place for 20 minutes but I think next time I’ll extend that time because there was still so much serum left and there was no irritation or redness.  When I had removed the mask from my face I then folded the mask in half and wrapped it around my neck for another 20minutes.    What surprised me was how cold the serum felt while the mask was in place.  My skin was very wet when I removed the mask but it eventually dried leaving my skin glowing, plumped and smooth.    The following morning I couldn’t believe how alive, smooth and firm my skin looked.    The product claims to reduce the visible appearance of freckles, age spots and imperfections, and although I didn’t see any difference in my freckles and age spots after one use I can imagine if I used this product regularly I would see a difference because my skin looked so bright and clear.    Skin Republic has won me over.  
I’ve never been much of a sheet mask person (they’ve always seemed too big, too sticky and end up sliding around on my face), but after receiving this one in a Parcel, I decided to give it a chance and was pleasantly surprised! This mask is unscented and has a nice level of saturation (moist, but not too wet). Once on the face, it didn’t slide around or irritate my skin.As directed, I left the mask on for 20 minutes and when I removed the mask there was still quite a lot of the serum on my face. I patted it in and it absorbed quickly & easily without leaving a sticky residue, and my skin did look hydrated,plump and ‘glowy’. Overall, I would recommend this mask.  The single, compact sachet makes it great for travel, it’s easy to use, affordable and easily accessible ($7.99 at Priceline!) and it isn’t tested on animals.
The Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet is a fantastic mask to use if you are looking to refresh and re-hydrate! Unlike many other facemasks, which can drip all over the place, this mask had plenty of product but didn't feel slimy at all. I popped it on easily and was able to keep doing what I liked without much interruption for the 20 minutes required. There's no real smell to this product and it's very easy to use. The experience itself was very relaxing and afterwards my skin felt and looked amazing! Not only did my skin feel softer but it looked refreshed and dewy! Definitely recommend for those searching for an affordable and productive face mask! It's 20 minutes of 'you' time well spent!
Sheet masks are becoming so popular and Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet is an absolute wonder bargain!  At just $7.99 you will have brighter and more radiant skin in under 20 minutes. The mask is a very generous sized sheet mask with all the serum goodness infused in the mask.  You take the mask out of the packet and stretch it over to fit your face and pat it into place.  It goes on so easily and then you just need to lay back and relax while it does all the work.  It feels wonderful on the skin, you can feel the serum soaking into your skin, leaving it hydrated, cool and supple. After about 20 minutes, (or longer if you have the time) peel the mask away and if you can, pat the serum into your skin and don't rinse it off.  For this benefit, it will be best to apply the mask at night, before bed so that you can sleep with the serum on your skin and it can stay on all night. My skin felt so hydrated after using this mask, it looked vibrant, radiant and healthy.  In the morning it was soft and dewy and my makeup when on effortlessly as my skin was in excellent condition.   My skin was smoother and this mask really wakes your skin up, it is like a vitamin cocktail which leaves your skin so radiant you will want to go out. After a few days, my skin still looked and felt radiant, my lines were plumped out and the vitamin C in the mask ensured I looked radiant for days after.   With continued use, this mask will improve your skin tone, keep you looking radiant and your skin will be plumper, healthy and much clearer looking. PRO's The price - at this bargain price, you can afford to use it weekly and look wonderful everyday Easy to use - simply pull the mask around your face and relax for 20  minutes You will look radiant and healthy, whether you wear makeup or not CON's With a sheet mask, it is best to lay down, so make some  special time and then relax and read a magazine or book or watch your favourite show while the mask works it magic. I recommend this mask to anyone who wants radiant and healthy looking skin, instantly.