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Skin Republic Collagen Hydrogel Face Mask Sheet

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Skin Republic Collagen Hydrogel Face Mask Sheet is a hydrating sheet mask enriched with sea minerals, collagen and argan oil to restore moisture and elasticity to the skin, leaving it looking and feeling smooth and youthful.


Skin Republic Collagen Hydrogel Face Mask Sheet


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The sheet mask was a little chilly to apply in the cooler weather however it quickly warmed up with the warmth of my skin. The mask is covered in the right amount of serum, not too much so that it is messy. It comes in two pieces so that it ensures the perfect fit, and it really did fit my face well. The areas that it did not reach, I just spread and patted in the serum. The mask is applied for longer than usual (30-40mins) compared to standard sheet masks. After removing the sheet, it left my skin plump, nourished and hydrated. It did not leave my skin too tacky or sticky to touch.
In my opinion Skin Republic can do no wrong! I have tried nearly all of their masks and this is another winner for me.  This two pieces hydrogel mask actually sits firmly on the skin, it doesn’t slide around like all other hydrogel masks I’ve used, but still has plenty of serum for a good moisture hit. I like to keep the remaining serum for the next day to apply as an extra boost.  The inclusion of retinol is perfect for attacking those fine lines and wrinkles I have slowly showing themselves but with the benefit of relaxation time.  HA is also in this mask so that’s another big plus. Just be sure to use spf when using any retinol products.
First sheet mask that actually worked for me! Ever! Plus the sheet fits my face perfectly too. Hydrating- tick. plumping-tick. Brightening-tick. After applying I leave it on for at least 20 minutes, all soaked in lots of serum. After I leave all the rest of the serum to soak into the skin. Did not leave that gooey sticky feel or did not have that artificial alcohol/petrol smell on -ols (glycol compounds) that regular sheet masks are loaded with (those completely dehydrate my skin if left on overnight!). In the morning I had skin that was so hydrated without using any layering of skincare as I usually do. In one use there was a big difference! And even after washing my face in the morning off, skin was so soft and plump, moist, full of hydration. yup, on sales restocked...
Great sheet mask if your skin is feeling a little dull and needs a pick me up! Perfectly sized, easier to use, beautifully scented, this is an overall great mask. I will definitely be using this one again. Couple dollars more than their standard masks but definitely worth it every now and then. There was no nasty side effects or reactions or burning sensations. Just super hydrating and refreshing feeling leaving a nice dewy look and glow. Love this one!
The collagen hydrogel face mask sheet is by far one of my favourites in the skin republic range. It does exactly what the name suggests... hydrates! Like all of their products its super easy to use and leaves your skin so soft and juicy into the next day. Love it!
Oh, how I love sheet masks, and I especially like the Skin Republic range, so it was an easy decision to try the Collagen Hydrogel Mask.   This sheet mask is strong and thick and easy to apply.  I found the mask was a good fit to my face, and it didn't move once I had the mask in position.   I love that the Skin Republic masks contain a generous amount of product and the excess can be applied all down the neck, and can also be massaged into the skin once the mask is removed.   The mask is cooling, relaxing and actually feels hydrating.  My skin feels so smooth, plumped and moisturised, and there is a softening to my fine lines after I've used the mask.   I really recommend the Skin Republic Collagen Hygrogel Face Mask to anyone wanting to restore moisture and elasticity to their skin.  
This is a great little mask to pop on when you want to revive your skin and give it a little glow. Super easy to use and feels really lovely on. It has a nice, cooling effect that is really relaxing. I could see a difference in my skin straight away; it was softer, plumper and looked hydrated.  I use these after especially long days when I need a pick me up!
This mask was part of the most recent Priceline Skincare goodie bag. In all honesty I would not pay this much for a single use face mask. Im glad I got to try it in the goodie bag. The sheet is actually quite thick and as soon as you place the mask on your face you can feel instant hydration and a nice cool feeling - perfect for after a long day at work. After taking the mask of there is some residual serum left and you can easily rub that into your skin so you soak up all the hydration goodness! PROS can really feel that your skin is more hydrated after product is easy to use can purchase these at the chemist, priceline or local coles/safeway so easy to pick up CONS a little bit on the more expensive side...but would be worth it during 40% off sales etc the actual sheet mask is quite large - would have liked it to be closer around my eye socket but thats what you get for 'one size fits all' would repurchase for a special occasion or if there was a sale! 
I am a huge fan of sheet masks. I do feel a little Silence Of The Lambs when I am wearing them but they are easy to apply and feel very rejuvenating when on. This one was fabulous! It was an unintentional purchase from Priceline but I had run out of my usual face mask and needed a quick moisture/brightening fix before a wedding. This mask was fabulous. Easy to apply, stayed in place and gave a lovely cooling and hydrating feel when it was on. Once time was up I also used the additional serum on my skin and BAM! Plump, hydrated skin that felt smooth and soft. Make-up application after was a breeze as everything as my skin was smooth. I don't rate the smell of it but that hardly detracts from the product itself. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a moisture skin fix. Fabulous.
I purchased this mask at my local coles to try. The mask itself is quite massive so didn't quite fit on my face, was hanging off, I left it on for 20min. however slipped off during this time. i ended up just squeezing spare product from the packet and leaving it on my face for  a bit. It does however make your skin feel amazing and super soft after.
Skin Republic Collagen Hydrogel Face Mask Sheet is just so fabulous you have try it to believe t.  Sheet masks can be quite expensive so I bought this one as it sounded promising and looked as good as the dearer ones. Sheet masks are so easy to use and apply.  After cleansing your face, unwrap the sheet mask and pop it on your face, smoothing it over and pressing the mask to adhere to your skin.  Now time to relax for 30 minutes while the mask works its magic.  The mask has plenty of hydrating liquid so your skin feels so moist, it just keeps soaking up and absorbing the hydrating liquid.   It is fabulous to use in the bath, simply lay back and relax, read a book, just know the mask is working.   This mask is best used at night, so you can let the mask sink in and then do not wash it off.  Your skin will be so hydrated, and feel so plump and moisturised, you will be amazed.  Every skin suffers some skin dehydration, and every skin will benefit from this wondrous mask.  Lines and wrinkles are plumped out, skin looks healthy, radiant and visibly healthy and the results last a good week. PRO's Terrific value for a sheet mask, you can afford to indulge weekly Skin feels so hydrated You look visibly younger and your skin looks healthy and radiant Everyone can use a good dose of skin hydration This mask is wonderful to use weekly, best used at night when you can relax afterwards and use your skincare and then get a good nights rest, knowing in the morning you will wake to hydrated and healthy skin.  I recommend you use this mask weekly and take some time out to relax while the mask works its beautiful magic.
If I have a big event I love to sit with a sheet mask on for half an hour before i do my makeup. I just find my skin is so smooth and soft and my makeup glides on perfectly. Picked up the Skin Republic Collagen Hydrogel Face Mask Sheet mask on a whim (was actually looking for the indeed labs hydraluron sheet masks) but was very impressed! Excellent quality, easy to use and achieved all the desired results. Will purchase again.
Is easy to apply and makes you skin feel so soft and moisturised.