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Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Face Mask Sheet

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Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Face Mask Sheet is a moisturising sheet mask enriched with marine collagen, elastin and vitamin E to boost skin’s tone and firmness, making the complexion appear radiant and more youthful.


Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Face Mask Sheet


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Application is easy enough though considering its impossible to make a one size fits all sized mask, the sheet mask did not fit on my face so well. I don't have a particularly large head but I found it short on the forehead when the mask was placed to fit the eyeholes. The nose piece was oddly short as well and the width of the sheet mask was quite generous. There was no odd scent, but was mildly clean and fresh smell. I left this on for 20 minutes and during this time I could still move about without is slipping and sliding around my face. I applied some of the excess serum from the packet on my neck, décolletage and since I still had extra on my arms and legs! After 20 mins, I took off the mask and used the sheet to dab the extra onto the rest of my body. Overall I found the feel very sticky and tacky which I found did not really go away. I didn't apply any moisturiser afterwards as I felt the serum was still very moisturising. I really didn't like the sticky feel of the serum and my face still very sticky in the morning and I couldn't wait to wash it off as part of my morning cleanse. Afterwards admittedly my skin did look more plump and the frown line between my eyebrows didn't look as angry so it is quite effective. I'd be keen to try other masks within the range.
I have heard so many great things about the Skincare Republic sheet masks, so I finally got my hands on one to try. The sheet mask is packaged in a foil packet that simply needs to be torn open. I did detect a fragrance, but it was very subtle. The sheet mask fit to my face well, having the typical holes for eyes, nose and mouth. I like that it was drenched in the serum, but not to the point of being too slippery to not only place on the face, but it stayed put. I felt comfortable leaving the mask on for around 30 minutes. It was nice to pamper myself without needing to remove product. When I took off the face mask, I used the sheet to massage my hands and also my neck and decolletage, making sure not to waste any of the serum. My skin felt tacky for a little amount of time, but it didn't take long to fully absorb. My face felt so lovely and hydrated that I did not feel the need to apply any of my regular serums, just my night cream. Not only hydrated, but my skin felt soft and plump and looked more radiant. Even the next morning before my usual skincare routine, my skin looked refreshed and the fine lines were less visible. I need to use the Collagen Infusion Sheet Mask again so am now going to take a further look on the Skincare Republic website to order this sheet mask and of course some others on offer!
I’ve used a few hydrogel masks before and haven’t liked any of them, but the Skin Republic one is different. The mask is a luxe gold two piece covered in serum to give the skin a great hydration boost. Surprisingly this mask is a great fit for the face and sits snugly without sliding around like most others.  After relaxing for 30 minutes I removed the mask and massaged the remaining serum into my skin and down my neck. It absorbs within a minute or two then I follow with my moisturiser to lock in the goodness. After use my skin is brighter, hydrated and has a natural glow.
I love the Skin Republic masks. They are so affordable and really effective. I use them weekly and I really look forward to it because I am forced to sit and relax for 20 minutes. The masks come in a sealed packet and are really cooling when you put them on your face. They are really easy to use and I recommend squeezing out all the extra serum and applying it to your neck and decolletage. I have sensitive skin but have never had an issue with this mask (or any of the masks in the Skin Republic range). After removing the mask, I let the serum sit on my skin for a good few hours. You can leave it overnight, however, I find it a bit sticky and sometimes my skin breaks out if I leave it over night so I prefer to wash my face before going to bed. This mask gives me immediate results; my skin is soft, plumper looking and hydrated. I love using this before a big night out because my skin looks bright and smooth and makeup application is so easy. I have used these masks weekly for months and I can definitely see the benefits in my skin. My skin stays hydrated in winter and is brighter, especially the day after doing a mask! Definitely recommend! 
Great sheet mask!  When first removed from packaging, the mask is saturated in product but don’t let that scare you off because by the time you remove the mask off your face there’s the perfect amount of residue left over to rub into face and neck without it becoming messy or having to wipe it off.  Face feels very plump and fresh after this mask as well as very hydrating.  The mask is a good size, I have a small face and any excess sheet folds nicely under the chin and coats the neck.  Really is the perfect sheet mask for the price!  Love it!  
I love face masks of all descriptions but I particularly enjoy a good sheet face mask, and one of my favourite brands is Skin Republic, so it is not by accident that I regularly use the Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Face Mask Sheet.    After I remove the mask from the easy to open foil sachet, I place the mask over my cleansed face by carefully positioning the eyes, nose and mouth holes.  The mask is generous in size and fits my smallish face quite well, although I have excess mask under my chin, around the edges of my face and on my forehead.  I don’t consider this a problem at all especially because I can extend the mask down my neck so it too can reap the benefits of the serum.  The mask is drenched in serum, so much so I am able to spread the serum down my neck and over my décolletage.  There is also loads of serum left in the sachet so I securely close the pack and use the serum on my face the following evening.  The mask is soft and quite comfortable to wear, even with my glasses over the top.  I usually leave the mask in place for 30 minutes so the serum can do its magic. There is no rinsing with the mask – I just take off the mask and allow the serum to sink into the skin.  After removing the mask the serum is quite wet but it soon dries, leaving my skin looking soft and plumped, and the next day my skin looks glowing and radiant.  I’ll definitely continue to buy the Skin Republic face mask sheets as they are a regular part of my skincare regime, and it’s an added bonus that they can regularly be purchased on sale.  I can recommend the Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Face Mask Sheet to anyone wanting a deeply hydrating and brightening experience that leaves the skin feeling firm and nourished. 
Last week I used Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Face Mask Sheet and allowed myself to rest for 20 minutes while it soaked in and worked its magic.  It was so nice, I think next time I may pop one on and hop in the bath!  How wonderful does that sound! The mask is easy is open and when you take it out of the packet, you can see and feel all the ingredients, the mask is very wet, so you know straight away there is plenty of the liquid to be absorbed into your skin.  You place the mask on your face and stretch it around to cover your entire face.  The mask stays securely on your skin and you can feel the liquid soaking into your skin, noticing immediately how hydrated and moisturised your face feels. After 20 minutes, you take the mask off and to get even benefit from your mask, leave the serum liquid on and do not wash it off.  I recommend doing this at night then, before bed, so your skin can absorb the liquid and it can soak in all night.  My skin felt really soft, smooth, hydrated and plumped out, so the wrinkles were definitely less deep and fine lines could hardly be seen. After a few days, my skin still felt wonderful, like I had been to the salon.  My makeup went on much nicer and overall my skin looked more radiant, hydrated, plumper and more vibrant and healthy.  If you have lines or dull and tired skin, then I totally recommend this product to you.  Your skin will look wonderful. PRO's Excellent value, you get the same if not better results than at the salon for $10 All done in the comfort of your own home and you get to lay down and read a book Wonderful results and skin looks wonderful for days after CONS None, after you have convinced yourself it is ok to lay down and read while the mask is working, you will want to do this once or twice a week