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Skin Republic Neck + Décolletage Repair Sheet Mask

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Skin Republic Neck + Décolletage Repair Sheet Mask is a nourishing 20-minute sheet mask treatment enriched with collagen and CoQ10 to assist in firming and plumping the skin. The formula also combines rice bran, licorice, aloe vera and vitamin E, which all work to reduce the appearance of dark spots and boost moisture levels, leaving skin brighter, smoother and looking more youthful.


Skin Republic Neck + Décolletage Repair Sheet Mask


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The Skin Republic Neck + Décolletage Repair is a treatment sheet mask formulated to nourish and firm the delicate skin of neck and decolletege. The formula includes goodies such as Marine collagen, CoQ10, rice bran, mulberry, bearberry and liquorice to fight the signs of aging. Aloe vera, vitamin C and vitamin E have also been added to nourish the skin texture. The large foil sachet houses the sheet mask. It is an all in one mask that has 2 sections to cover neck and decolletage. I had to take care when unfolding the sheet mask to not rip it, just because it was obviously different to a regular face mask. The sheet mask is saturated in serum, this actually helps it adhere to the skin. It felt so refreshing for the 30 minutes I left it on my skin. When I removed the mask, I massaged the leftover serum into my decolletage and my hands. I looked in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised at the smoothness of my treated skin. The lines were barely noticeable and I had a radiance to the skin. The Skin Republic Neck and Decolletage Repair sheet mask is such a great treat for the often neglected neck and decolletage area, at least when it comes to masks. I need more of these sheet masks!
My neck and chest area is quite sun damaged so I was really excited to try Skin Republic Neck + Décolletage Repair Sheet Mask.  It comes as a sheet mask especially for this area, and most of us neglect this area a little.   Now after cleansing, I recommend that when you apply this mask, you do 2 things!  First apply a face mask at the same time, you might as well utilise your 20 minutes of relaxation time and have gorgeous facial skin as well.  Second, lie down, as it is a neck sheet mask, you really shouldn't be walking around, as the constant movement means the sheet will move around too much.  So apply your masks, grab a book and lie down and have 20 happy minutes. The mask is easy to open, and you unfold it and apply it to your neck, stretching it out to fit your whole neck and chest area.  The mask itself is very emollient, and has a lot of serum like product on it.   It will not dry out, and afterwards, you can massage the serum in and let it soak into your skin all night.   I recommend using this before bed, so that way the serum can really soak in and stay on your skin all night. Your skin will feel very soft, I don't remember my neck ever being this moisturised, and feeling so smooth and hydrated. my wrinkles, creepy neck skin, spots and rough skin all looked remarkably younger and smoother.  Now this is with just one use, imagine with use over time, how my skin will be.  As I am writing this, I am mentally scheduling in my next mask session. PRO's For under $10, this mask is magic on dry, wrinkled and ageing necks and chests You will see results in just one use Leave the serum to soak in overnight for more hydration Very easy to use CON's Being a neck mask, you will need to remain still while it is on.  However make this a fun time, read that book or magazine you have been wanting to catch up with. I would recommend this sheet mask to anyone who wants their neck and chest to look younger, have more moisturised, softer skin with less wrinkles and creepy lines.