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Skin Republic Youthfoil Foil Face Mask Sheet

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Skin Republic Youthfoil Foil Face Mask Sheet is an anti-ageing face mask that contains a double dose of hyaluronic acid as well as collagen, elastin and vitamins C and E to intensely hydrate skin, protect against environmental pollutants and reduce the signs of ageing.  The foil sheet mask helps prevent the formula from evaporating and speeds up the delivery process of the anti-ageing ingredients into the skin. 


Skin Republic Youthfoil Foil Face Mask Sheet


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I love Skin Republic sheet masks so I was eager to try theYouthfoil Foil Face Mask Sheet which contains a double dose of Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient I look for when choosing skincare products, and I liked the idea of the mask delivering a one-way surge of youth activating concentrate.    When I opened the gorgeous silver and purple foil sachet I followed the instructions to correctly place the foil mask on my face – white side on the skin and the silver side facing outwards.  This mask comes in two sections (top and bottom of face) and it is easy to position the mask without it sliding all over the place.  For me, the mask was a perfect fit, covering my entire face with eyes and mouth visible through the peep holes.  I loved that the nose piece was big enough to cover my entire nose and that the flaps sat flat on my face, because other mask brands can be lacking in this respect.    I left the mask in place for 30 minutes (a bit longer than recommended) before removing it and at no stage did I have to reposition the mask.  I felt some slight tingling while wearing the mask but there was no irritation during or after the experience.  When I removed the mask my skin was very damp with serum so I gently massaged it into my skin and I also used the excess in the foil sachet to massage over my neck, décolletage and also the backs of my hands.  The serum absorbed really well but it left my skin feeling a bit sticky, however I didn’t mind this.  I didn’t apply any other products and the stickiness was gone before I went to bed.    I have mature, slightly dry skin with some fine lines.  What I noticed immediately after using the Youthfoil mask was how plump and hydrated my skin looked, and how my fine lines had visibly smoothed out.  But what really impressed me was how radiant, plump and smooth my skin looked the next day.    I was so impressed with the Skin Republic Youthfoil Foil Face Mask but that didn’t really surprise me because I haven’t found a Skin Republic mask I haven’t enjoyed.      
I recently received this mask in the Liptember box. It comes packaged in a purple and silver foil packet with one sheet mask inside. The mask comes in 2 parts ,one for the top section of the face and one for the bottom.To use, you simply apply to cleansed face with the foil section of the mask on the outside and the material, serum soaked cloth part on the face. The foil helps to seal in the serum so it is absorbed faster and more effectively . I found the mask quite easy to apply and it actually fit my face perfectly which not a lot of sheet masks do. It felt comfortable to wear during the required 20 minutes and the scent was quite mild. After use, I simply rubbed in the excess serum onto my face and neck and applied nothing else before bed that night. It initially feels quite sticky but nothing too uncomfortable. In the morning my skin felt so soft and plump! Fine lines were visibly reduced and my makeup went on so much smoother. I've tried a similar face mask which was over twice the price of this and this one gave much better results.  Would definitely buy again in future.
Two piece sheet fits perfectly on my face (with a bit of fiddling about, not an expert on sheet masks yet.) I leave it on for as long as the serum is still saturating the sheet mask more than my face. More than 20 minutes that is for sure. There is lots of extra serum left, so I rub it everywhere (neck, chest...etc)Man oh man, it makes skin sooooo plump and hydrated. And results last day after! I stash up on sales so can use them 2 times per week and have constantly hydrated glowy skin. Soooo good!
I had never tried a foil mask before this skin republic one and I was really impressed. The mask itself was really easy to apply, just fit the two sections to upper and lower face and leave on while you relax, I then rinsed under the shower to avoid mess. The mask contains quite a lot of serum so is a little messy, but it feels cooling and soothing and didnt irritate at all. It smells quite pleasant and I really did see great results after using this mask. My skin looked plumper and more radiant, less tired and fine lines were diminished. I felt this minimised the appearance of my pores and my skin was glowing. It felt super soft and smooth. I love its anti ageing properties and all the goodies it contains to keep my skin looking young and fresh. It was also really hydrating and great value for money. I would absolutely recommend this mask.
It is fair to say that I love the simplicity of sheet masks and Skin Republic’s Youthful Foil Mask has really impressed me. The ingredients list is jam packed with goodness and contain collagen, elastin, vitamins C and E to moisturise and nourish the skin. From the second I opened the package I could tell that I was going to like it; it smells so beautiful and fresh! Foil masks are new to me but it was really easy to apply because it has an upper and a lower half. It fitted well and was smothered in serum. As soon as I placed the silver mask on it was cooling, refreshing and really relaxing on a hot day.  I removed it after 20 mins and there was still more to go around! I used the excess on my, neck, décolletage and the backs of my hands. The results were immediately obvious, fresher, plumper, smoother and more radiant skin that lasted for around 24 hours. I am impressed!  Pros: Easy to apply Smells lovely Spectacular results  Cons: The serum can dribble so be ready.  If you want to look like Tin Man and then a new woman I recommend Skin Republic Youthfoil Foil Face Mask Sheet.