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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Stick with Manuka Honey

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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Stick with Manuka Honey is a targeted spot treatment for healing and reducing the appearance of blemishes and acne scarring. The blemish stick contains antibacterial 100 per cent pure Australian tea tree oil, which works to kill pimple-causing bacteria for a clearer complexion. Manuka honey helps to improve the appearance of acne scars, while vitamin E and spearmint work to soothe irritated skin. The sponge tip applicator reduces the risk of transferring bacteria from the fingers to the face. 


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus free from common synthetic irritants and cruelty-free.

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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Stick with Manuka Honey


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So convenient!

This product is the most convenient, effective and easy to use blemish product I have ever come across. The tip applicator makes it so easy and non-messy, you just dab it onto your problem spots and leave it to dry. My pimples are dramatically smaller and less red after using this product. You can also use this under makeup as it is really lightweight and doesn't budge once applied.
Tea tree blemish stick suits me to a T. I’m not into all the fan celebrity endorsed pimple creams.  Because these celebrities have being paid to endorse it. And their millions of dollars are buying more than just pimple cream to Peter ect their skin. Anyway true ingredients like tea-tree oil are so simple in their abilities to work that there is no way to endorse it with a celebrity because it’s naturally it’s own hero.  Dries up my spots.  Just works.  Manuka Honey is a boastful ingredient to put in the mix because this has medical and antibiotic properties.  Tea-tree does have that scent that’s not exactly alluring.  But when it dries up blemishes and they disappear quicker than it’s worth it.  The sponge stick saves putting hands in face, too. Perhaps spreading more damage around face.  The price more than reasonable. It’s not fancy.  But it works! 
There are so many pros for this product. First no harsh chemicals to worry about, it's all natural. The tea tree definitely dries out and reduces the appearance of pimples and the manuka honey makes it more gentle and I found also softens the scent. Secondly,the no mess applicator, super easy and quick to use. But most importantly it works! I noticed a difference overnight and a continued improvement to my breakouts with sustained use. I recommend this product.
Quite a nifty little product! I keep it in my handbag for those mid-day break outs! I have noticed a reduction in swelling without drying out! I am going to get a second one to keep in my drawer at work. Easy to use applicator that targets my breakouts so there is no wastage
Regardless of my careful skincare routine, I am always plagued with a few hormonal breakouts at that-time-of-the-month. This product arrived in perfect time, and I'm pleased to report it worked really well for me! I have combination skin, so was a bit concerned that it would dry my skin out (which can often look worse than the pimple...) Pleased to report it did not thanks to the manuka honey! The sponge applicator was different to anything I've tried before, it was not messy and there was no wastage when applying the product. I have been carrying this in my make up bag and if I feel the tell tale bump of a new pimple forming, I'll whip this out to stop it in its tracks.
I was pleasantly surprised by this. I get a few stubborn blemishes and pimples but can’t speak for its effectiveness with acne. I put the product on at night after my regular skin care routine and found that by morning the spot would be significantly reduced or the redness had subsided. It doesn’t dry the skin out like some products do and the natural ingredients give me peace of mind that I’m not putting harsh chemicals on already damaged skin. The only thing I would change is the applicator- it’s so convenient but I don’t like that I’m double-dipping, but maybe the tea tree kills the bacteria in the tube?! Either way I guess it’s working and not spreading infection so I’d say it’s worth giving it a try!!
I found that this product was effective in reducing redness and appearance of acne scars but in terms of getting rid of my pimples/acne, it wasn’t strong enough for me to see a noticeable difference compared to other products I’ve used. I do appreciate the use of natural ingredients as someone who doesn’t like to use chemicals on my skin.
I gave this product three stars as it reduced the redness and inflammation of my acne but did little to nothing to the acne scarring on my face. I also haven’t noticed any new blemishes since I started using this product 2 weeks ago. The product is great to use before sleeping, however it isn’t ideal for day time as it leaves a sticky residue on the face. Overall this product is great to have on hand in for those pesky stubborn blemishes that pop up out of no where!
I found that this blemish stick worked relatively well, I definitely noticed a reduction in pimple size and I do believe this product speeds up eliminating zits. It doesn't dry out my skin too which is good and I loved the convenience of the doe foot applicator which made it very easy to apply directly to where you want it!
I have been using this product for a few weeks, and it has been a welcome addition to my routine. In general, my skin is acne prone, with whiteheads and cystic pimples. I used this product predominately on pimples that has come to a head, and I found that the blemish stick reduced the swelling and redness of the pimple overnight after use, which was awesome! My pimples seemed flatter even after one use, and this product reduced the time a pimple was on my face. Also, this product was super convenient and easy to use, which made application simple and fast! Normally I find acne spot treatments to be a step I forget, but because this product was in a tube with an applicator, I found that I used it everytime I had a pimple appear. In some regards, I love the applicator being a doe-foot, but I am also nervous that bacteria from my pimples might transfer to the product over time with repeater applications. Regardles, I found that the product worked pretty well, but it is not a miracle cure for ance! Overall, I would reccommend!
I’ve been trialing this product for about three weeks. I found that when applied to under the skin pimples it brought them to the service quicker so they were less painful. I didn’t see any difference in my scarring but I suspect that will come with continue use. The formula is a bit sticky and takes a while to settle in and dry, I preferred to use this at night because of this.
I found that this blemish stick worked to a certain extent to reduce the size of my blemishes and pimple scars when used consistently but did not heal or remove the scars completely. It doesn't dry out my skin too which is good and I liked the applicator because it meant I didn't have to touch the product.
I love this! I have acne prone skin and it has really helped me. Super easy to use and I love the Manuka honey aspect. However, I’m unsure about the applicator as I feel that sometimes this aggravates my skin through the other acne that it touches. I’ve been carrying it travelling and it has made my life easier
I naturally have acne prone, oily skin. With general breakouts I found this product helped control and dry out zits fast over night. I like the fact that the product can be used any time of day though. Preferably I like to use it overnight.  The smell of the product is a refreshing tea-tree scent. The application is similar to the design of a lip gloss, which means it is very easy to apply directly to where you want it. It doesn't take too long to dry out either.  I definitely noticed a reduction in pimple size and I do believe this product speeds up eliminating zits. 
I have been using the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Stick with Manuka Honey for the past month now and I would re-purchase it in the future. I have fairly sensitive skin, however, I find that because of the Manuka honey, my skin does not react to this product as it has to similar products in the past.  While it does not completely get rid of blemishes, I find that it does reduce the redness and size of them fairly well.  The one thing I am unsure of with this product is the doe foot applicator. I am unsure as to whether there is a spread of bacteria by using it on blemishes and putting it back in the tube with all the product. Other than that, I find this product really easy to use and effective in reducing the redness and size of my blemishes without irritating my skin.
I really wanted to like this product, but it hasn't given me much to like about it. I have combination skin that often breaks out when I'm stressed. I found that this product helped to fight off tiny pimples but didn't do much to decrease scarring.  Pros: -Smells nice -Portable -works for small pimples Cons: -not that great at reducing the size of large pimple -doesn't work so well for scarring -easily mistaken for lip gloss
I've been using this product for approx 3 weeks every night on my breakouts/scarring. I wasn't very impressed as I found it didn't dry out or heal my breakouts at all. I felt like it wasn't a strong enough and needed more drying ingredients.  I wouldn't recommend this product .
I have been trialling the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Stick for about a month now and I find it to be comparable to other more expensive blemish drying products, however, it does not wow me. I have acne-prone skin which leans combination dry in the winter so currently, I am not dealing with excessive breakouts, I'm only dealing with small whiteheads with the occasional larger blemish. The Blemish Stick does help prevent the blemishes from spreading or becoming more infected, however, it will not make blemishes disappear overnight. I didn't notice it helping too much with the scaring either, but like I said I haven't had excessive breakouts recently. Much like other blemish drying products alcohol is high on the ingredients list (second ingredient), however, it does not seem as dying on the surrounding skin as other similar products do. The packaging is slim and convenient, but I don't love the applicator (doe-foot applicator, similar to a lip gloss wand). In theory, because the alcohol content is so high the applicator should not cause contamination of the product but I definitely would not use it on an exposed/ picked blemish. In fact, the main way I used it was off the back of my clean hand and using a clean finger to apply it.
I liked the idea of this product. I found the addition of the Manuka honey to be quite moisturising instead of just pure tea tree. I found when I used it on red pimples it did help to slightly reduce the redness and over all size of the pimple however it didn’t really diminish it fully. My blemishes still did leave red marks. I found the blemishes to feel and look more hydrated also. They did not feel dried out and it did not make them worse. I think this would be a good affordable option for teen skin and people starting out with skincare who may have little blemishes.
The first thing I noticed (and loved) is how the product is applied. I have previously used tea tree oil as an anti pimple product before and the application was messy, leaving the smell on my fingers to linger. The addition of the Manuka honey meant the product was creamy when applied and my skin less sensitive to the tea tree oil. The two reasons I did not like using tea tree oil on my skin have been completely rectified by this product- with the applicator and the mix of Manuka honey. Would buy again.