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Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDP

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Grey Vetiver EDP is a charismatic and provocative men’s fragrance with an elegant and refined heart of natural vetiver blended with sun-drenched citrus, rich spices and prized woods.

Price above is for 100mL. Also available in 50mL.


Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDP


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A wedding anniversary ....ours A special night out to celebrate 23 years of a well known,Sydney Italian suburb that screams European elegance A gift to mark the occasion,and something to remind us both of a beautiful evening for years to come....THIS, from me to hubby.  I love Tom Ford for my own scents,so i wanted top get a little something to put a little "something suave" (like what i imagine Daniel Craig sprays on to get into his tuxedoed, James Bond character...and the stunning bottle only adds to this feel) into to his edited,but still impressive fragrance wardrobe. Grey Vetiver opens up with a citrus top of Grapefruit, Orange Blossom and Sage, but the Veitver is there from the start (Vetiver is an "acquired" taste,and here the Vetiver note is present from start to finish)......with a sexy,powder-like note in the background followed by some woods in the dry-down.This fragrance is usual Tom Ford in it's longevity (a good 7 hours,as this is the EDP version) and classic style. It may come over all "suit and tie" or "corporate boardroom", but it definitely is one to use at any time you want your man (or YOU i might add....this can be a fragrance you both share)  to feel fresh and expensive.As it can be worn as unisex scent,this is a gift us girls can also appreciate. TIP: Yes,this is an exxy purchase, however,as this is an EDP, AND somewhat unisex,the cost is essentially halved ( it can be a beautiful way to celebrate an occasion and share a scent that evokes wonderful memories).