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Tom Ford Lip Color Matte is a richly pigmented lipstick that creates a powerfully sophisticated look. The formula contains a luxurious, velvet matte finish and smooths comfortably onto the lips. 

Available in 10 shades.


Tom Ford Lip Color Matte


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Shade: Facinator

I have an obsession for lipsticks and this Tom Ford Facinator shade is one of my all time favourites. I cant explain the colour you would need to look it up. Its a darker rosey shade but it's the formula I particularly love as it contains vitamin e and vitamin c which makes hydrates and nourishes the lips and this lipstick glides onto the lips so smoothly. The lipstick isn't sticky and lasts for hours without the need to reapply. This range of lipsticks are made without Parabens, sulphate, sulfite, talc, PEG, peroxide, mineral oil, gluten, BHA's, alcohol dry, propylene glycol, petrolatum, formaldehyde donor, ethanolamine, glycerine. Highly recommend these lipsticks because the formula is amazing.
Lipstick - that one secret weapon that can make a bad day better (Thank you Elizabeth Taylor for reminding us to "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together."),can show world financial trends (Thank you Forbes for telling us that "Studies have found that as the economy tanks,sales of lipsticks can surge,as consumers look for a relatively affordable way to splurge ") and become a historic memory that lasts generations...just by being worn (Thank you Marilyn for making red lipstick and blonde hair a trademark that lives on even today).So how can one little item,with so much to live up to,be even vaguely improved upon...Tom Ford gave it a go. I took the plunge and got one of these recently for my birthday (in the shade "First Time"...a beyond beautiful,peach-y nude pink),that applies like a dream to the lips,is a matte,but not even vaguely like the "Sahara" feeling types you may be used to...this is matte done ultra high end.First off though,a bit about the aesthetics (OK,i am being completely superficial here,BUT..DAMN these babies are stunning). These deepest brown and gold encased beauties are some of the most coveted in the industry..they are ultra sexy in their packaging,weighty in their feel,noteworthy for the lipstick's embossing and downright lush in their entire persona.That's not even starting with the wearability (about 5 hours without being too precious about it) or the light vanilla scent that makes that wearability a lot harder (just try and not keep taking a lick) or the feel (like plush velvet..REALLY,and a comfort that is worth every last cent).Tom Ford has been on my radar previously for his scents,but now,with the most perfect colour selection, beautiful application and a long lasting finish,i had to forgo a Chinese take away for a couple of weeks to lavish upon myself one of these beauties (that first melt of colour onto my lips,that perfect matte finish told me i had chosen well).  A Tom Ford lipstick is one of the most luxurious beauty products that a woman can own...and something every girl should (yes,that $75 price tag is ouchey,BUT,save on those daily caffeine hits for just a week or two,et voila...a TF lippy is now yours (and a much more satisfying item to touch your lips). TIP:OK,this is a splurge,so look after it.In summer,as pretty as this is,keep it in the WILL cry if that investment becomes a melted (but stunning) mess in 40+ degree heat.
I'd been wanting to purchase a Tom Ford lip colour for some time, the packaging is so lush and I like a range of their products. I bought Velvet Cherry, which is a really deep, deep red/purple, while in New York and paid a pretty penny. The colour looks incredible and the tones of red and purple are perfectly balanced, and it applies well, however disappointingly it doesn't have any staying power at all, which for such a deep shade is really important. Even without eating and drinking I soon have the normal pink of my inner lips showing not long after wearing it, and if you're eating and drinking you need to reapply constantly. I can't wear it without being really conscious of whether or not it's still perfect (important for strong shades!), like I can with say a cheaper MAC matte (which you need to basically chisel off). That said, it doesn't dry my lips out like other matte colours do, so I can wear it a few nights running and not have ruined chapped lips.  Overall, I still wear it, because the colour is lush and it looks hot. Just be careful you don't wear it on a night out, get drunk, and have a deep purple rim around your outer moosh :) For the price, next time I'd go MAC.
When I say I know red lippy, I know red lippy. This one is sooo creamy and pigmented, it's amazing. The shade Ruby Rush is the perfect pin-up red and the longevity is fab, especially when you check your lips in your selfie cam after a few drinks and you're pleasantly surprised you don't have to reapply.