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Urban Decay All-Nighter Liquid Foundation is a full coverage, long-wearing foundation developed with a waterproof formula to ensure your foundation lasts all day with a matte yet comfortable finish.

Available in 24 shades.


Urban Decay All-Nighter Liquid Foundation


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This foundation has great coverage however it is quite tricky finding the right shade. For me having oily skin I would find the foundation separated on my skin. It's in a great pump bottle with a plastic lid and clear sides so you can see how much product you have left.
I'm still on the fence with this foundation, and I think it comes down to primer, powder and my skin's temperamental moods. I still haven't found the right primer for this foundation, and what's happening to me is the finish of this foundation starts to break apart around my nose, mouth and chin (my oily zone) after about four to six hours of wear. This is the foundation I will wear if I am going to have a night out and it does look amazing but there are occasions where it simply works, and others where it simply fails on me. It drives me nuts!
When this was first released, it worked fantastically well on my skin. Back then I had combination to oily skin, with absolutely no dry patches.  Now that my skin is going through a bit of a dry phase, it isn't looking so good. It clings to the tiniest of dry patches, and is very hard to blend. I've tried using both a sponge and a brush, and the more I try the more I dislike it.  The shade range is pretty average overall, but I'm able to find my exact shade which is rare for me.  The formula also smells a bit like paint which may be too strong for some.
At first, this product and all those who swore by it screamed 'Holy Grail of the Makeup Universe'; so naturally, I was pretty eager to throw away my financial morals and splurged on the $70 foundation. My selling point for such actions was a statement made by a friend of mine who claimed that she'd (and I quote) "never used a foundation with better coverage than this". Now for someone who's suffered with cystic acne and is also prone to purple scarring/marks due to vitamin deficiencies, this seemed like a pretty solid gig. This however was not the case.  My initial application on the product didn't alert me of any red signals that I may of wasted my money as I wore it out to a theater show and was therefore a dark, air-conditioned room the entire time. Second time around was a little different. Whilst wearing it throughout a humid day I noticed two things: 1. It's very drying and 2. it oxidizes.  I naturally have very large pores in spite of the countless products I use to shrink them and when foundations become drying then all hell breaks loose. My pores go into recovery mode and attempt to excrete natural, moisturizing oils (which usually leads to movement/shifting in makeup) and as a consequence, they also begin to absorb the product. Multiple times I found myself waking up the next day with forming blind pimples and cystic acne. It wasn't until I switched primers from the benefit POREfessional primer to the CoverFX mattifying anti-acne primer that I noticed the product began to lessen in drying out my skin; however, this almost meant that it wasn't compatible with all the products I used/preferred and required me to experiment with others just to suit the foundation.  Once I sorted out the drying issue, I thought I had finally resolved all my problems with the foundation. However, as mentioned before, my skin is prone to purple/reddish scarring and the acne that I endured whilst using the foundation with my initial primer meant that I had more scarring to cover up. Here is where I encountered another obstacle, this time in the coverage. I found myself constantly having to build up the foundation to fully cover any scarring however this left me with an uncomfortable 'layered' feeling and whilst it didn't cause any breakouts, it did feel as though I was significantly clogging my pores.  After being prescribed medication to calm the effects of my cystic acne I didn't have much use for foundation anymore as my blemishes, scarring, pimples etc, had cleared significantly. However, there where times in which I did require a foundation for certain events and I returned to this product. This time I didn't have the previous issues of having to excessively build up the foundation as it covered my minimal blemishes effortlessly.  My holistic verdict of the 'All-Nighter liquid makeup' by Urban Decay is that it's better suited for individuals who require a simple foundation to cover skin that presents minimal blemishes and isn't prone to cystic-like breakups; preferably smaller pores and combination/normal skin. This is not a reliable product for individuals who are searching for a lightweight, hydrating, full coverage foundation; especially if they have either dry or oily skin and large pores with tendencies to absorb product. 
When I tried this foundation my husband said “ You look flawless today”. He doesn’t give much compliments, so I was instantly hooked. The shade I tried was in 4.0. It had great warm undertones which made my skin look alive and my green eyes pop. Lasted very well through the day and stayed nice and matte.
I like most Women found it hard to choose the right foundation to match my skin tone but also cover any problem areas that i have until i found this amazing foundation! its like heaven in a bottle.  The product feels amazing on your skin all while leaving you with a completely flawless look, it covers blemishes, redness and scaring without looking overdone and the bonus is that it will stay on and in place all day long without the worry of touch ups!! ( But hey who doesn't love a little extra touch up for some glow)  This product exceeded my expectations!  the shade range is so versatile as they offer many undertone options and will suite most skin types as the formula almost adjusts to your skin! 
This foundation is in my top three favourite foundations and probably would have won out it if wasn’t for the $70 price tag. But expenses aside, it has an amazing full coverage that seamlessly covers my blemishes and cancels out the blues and purples of my dark spots; a feat which has been failed by many coveted brands. The formula does have a tendency to oxidise a few shades,so it is advised to choose a colour at least two shades lighter or better yet,try out some sample shades before committing to a purchase because it is easy to pick up a colour that is a shade too light or too dark. Luckily, the oxidisation kicks in within 10 to 20 minutes so you don’t have to worry about walking around with a ghost face. The colour range offers various shades with different undertones to suit each individual’s complexion but, they are lacking in colours for deeper skin tones. The foundation has unfortunately been known to causebreakouts due to its thicker consistency. I personally, and thankfully, haven’thad this problem, but my sister who also has this product breaks out every timeshe wears it and finds that any pre-existing pimples are worsened after wearingit. So again, I definitely recommend sampling this product beforehand to see ifit is compatible with your skin type.  Itcan feel a little heavy on your skin, but I didn’t find this bothersome. Andeven though it is a thicker foundation it still blends out easily leaving asmooth, flawless finish. Its longevity definitely lives up to its name. Both mysister and I can wear it all day or all night and find it lasts for a decentamount of time. I am particularly oily and still have to blot and powder acouple times a day when wearing it, but compared to the many other long wearfoundations it’s certainly one of the best in regards to shine control. This is one of those hit or miss products. Foreach person it’s either going to be winner or a loser and for me it’sdefinitely a winner.
This foundation is great for coverage but doesn't feel too heavy on the skin. I get a lot of red patches and this foundation covers it all perfectly. My skin can tend to be dry, and as long as I moisturize and prime before applying, it doesn't leave any dry flakey spots. Also, a little goes a LONG way with this foundation. I only need to smallest amount to achieve great coverage.
Hello My Lovely Peeps ! This is one of my favourite go to high end foundations. The quality of this product is worth the amount paid for. Some reviews above did say that it oxidizes very quick, which is true so therefore going a shade lighter than your usual tone/colour of foundation is suggested. After being recommended by a close friend about this product, i had to try out for myself to see if this product is worth the hype ! i must say it is a holy grail product ! I went a shade lighter then my normal foundation colour so therefore when the foundation oxidizes it would match my skin tone. I love this foundation & must say it works like magic. Gives medium to full coverage. Pros: Comes in variety of colours Suitable for all skin types Medium-full coverage Buildable Can be applied using finers, beauty blenders, sponges or even a foundation brush Best to use on top of a primer or a hydrating moisturiser Setting powder or transluscent powder should be used Scent wise isn't bad, smells like other foundations Cons:  Oxidizes fast (best to get colour/tone one shade lighter than your colour of foundations.  May get oily throughout tzone, so transluscent or setting powder is recommended.  Recommended for: Anyone who are into makeup Anyone who loves Urban Decay products Girls aged 18+ and woman ages 20+ Both female and males can use this product Beauty gurus and makeup artists
After reading mixed reviews about this foundation I was a bit hesitant, but recently plucked up the courage to just give it a go!! I was after a long wearing foundation that would last me from my morning coffee to evening drinks functions and gave this a whirl and was pleasantly surprised. PACKAGING The bottle itself is strikingly designed with a shattered glass effect, and looks stunning on your vanity. It also features a very practical pump dispenser which is hygenic and easy to use.   WOULD IT SUIT ME? (what are the benefits?) In my opinion the formula of the foundation would suit you if you have oily skin (my t-zone gets quite oily during summer) and you have previously had issues with your foundation sliding off your face or deteriorating due to oil/ heat. Also if you are looking for a flawless, full coverage foundation. I want to stress that this is really full coverage, and covers pretty much everything. I don’t even need to use an additional concealer to cover redness because the foundation does it all. It is described as a “matte” foundation, however skin does not look flat, it is a soft matte, and skin looks like it has been flawlessly airbrushed.  Not lifeless like some other long wearing matte foundations that I have tried.   It is waterproof and extremely long wearing - I have worn this for 12+ hours on super long days and it has held up better than any other formula I have tried. It wears comfortably, and for a full coverage foundation it is very light weight, and skin still feels breathable.   It is also very economical for the price, given that it is so pigmented a little goes a long way. One pump is enough for my entire face. It can be blended with fingers, a brush or beauty blender. I try and apply sparingly at first to avoid applying too much product and looking cakey. I find I get best results when using the real techniques foundation brush (which is not the typical flat foundation brush) so I can buff the product into my skin.   TIPS ON SELECTING A SHADE (any downsides?) One of the downsides is that the foundation oxidises, (once applied it changes to a slightly darker shade). I would recommend that you go one shade lighter than your normal shade and that you try it on instore or get a sample, and wait awhile after you have applied it so you can check that you have your perfect colour match. There is an impressive shade range with 24 shades available, so even though it does oxidise you are still bound to find a shade that suits you.
I have patchy red skin and spots and this foundation covers everything. I use the smallest amount and it goes a long way and covers first go so I only need one coat. It will not come off either; i used a makeup wipe and my olay Regenerist face exfoliator ( the battery operated one) and it still didn't come off first go. highly recommend for nights out or special occasions.
I've struggled for so long to find a foundation that's full coverage and non-shifting on my oily skin - this stuff is amazing! Extremely lightweight and doesn't make you feel like you're wearing a face full of makeup, allows your skin to breathe and doesn't clog your pores. This stuff is definitely my go-to foundation, whatever the occassion. It does have quite a make-upy kinda smell to it, this personally doesn't bother me though. Amazing range of shades too, perfect for everyone!
Great foundation! It has crazy staying power and is definitely full coverage without feeling heavy on my face. A little goes a long way so the bottle will last awhile.  Recommendation: buy one shade lighter or wait until it dries when you swatch it as it tends to oxidize while it dries.
was using urban decay "born this way" went into the store and couldn't remember the shade i was and the lady offered to color test me for a few and gave a sample of all nighter.  SO GOOD. covers absoloutely everything!!!!!! have skin on the dryer side and doesn't leave patchy dry spots. Got a tiny little sample pot and when used with a wet beauty blender goes a loooooooooooooong way. worth the money as it will last you ages!
This is by far my favourite foundation,it is full coverage without feeling cakey and a little goes a long way.. would highly recommend