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Urban Decay Grindhouse Double Barrel Sharpener

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Urban Decay Grindhouse Double Barrel Sharpener is a dual sharpener for use on makeup crayons and pencils. Featuring a pair of durable, steel-infused blades to prevent rust, the high-quality sharpener shapes and sharpens pencils to a precision point with ease. A tight-fitting detachable lid prevents shavings from falling out while a pointed scraping tool ensures that the blade can be easily cleaned.


Urban Decay Grindhouse Double Barrel Sharpener


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Everyone needs a great sharpener in their makeup kit, a must for keeping lip and eyeliner pencils sharp for a precise line. This is the rolls Royce of sharpeners, I love that it has barrels in two sizes for both crayons and pencils. This is so easy to use for a precise point and I love the detachable lid that prevents shavings falling out so no mess is a huge plus for me. The steel blade is top quality which I have come to expect from urban decay, at $16 this is great value as I use it all the time, a really quality sharpener I highly tecommend
One would say that this is such an unnecessary or often omitted tool in beauty but in my opinion a good quality pencil sharpener is of a great value. Some companies add quite good sharpeners to their pencils ( Dior did in the past) but we just can't count on that. I got this one by mere accident, but I never regretted buying it. Its best feature is the fact that it has got two barrels, one for a standard size, the other for jumbo pencils. The blade quality and the whole design is of amazing quality as I never experienced any breaking, pencils being stuck or pencils not being sharp enough. I like the fact that this sharpener is fuss and mess free. The top lid covers the blades and at the same time works as a small rubbish bin. It is also easy to clean this little device. Five stars from me.