Voeu Exfoliating Scrub

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Voeu Exfoliating Scrub is a facial scrub that contains walnut and microcrystalline cellulose to exfoliate dead skin and refine the skin. Vitamin B3, E and provitamin B5 work to nourish and moisturise, while jojoba helps to soothe irritated skin. 


Voeu Exfoliating Scrub


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Never looked back!

Never will I ever buy another exfoliating product apart from this one! While I was pregnant I tried high end brands and raved about products - none which made a difference. I had someone tell me to try this and I thought, no surely it can’t be great, it’s SO cheap! I was wrong! I noticed a change in my skin within the first 2 weeks! It’s not drying like some, it doesn’t have a distinct smell which is great, and it lasts forever!
I love this bargain priced exfoliating scrub, its great value at just $4.00 and lasts for ages, I use it once a week for a deep thorough clean. I buy this scrub at woolworths, its simply packaged, comes in a handy tube that is great for the shower shelf and it really works. The scrub is a nice texture that exfoliates my skin really well, yet is not too harsh so its great for anyone with sensitive skin. it rinses clear with ease and whenever I use this my skin feels super soft and clean and looks smooth, fresh and revitalised. it contains jojoba to soothe my skin which I love and is packed full of vitamins so I know its doing my skin good. Overall this is a great supermarket scrub that I will buy again and I would recommend it.
I love a bargain and feel very clever when I discover a product that compares favorably to much much much more expensive skincare,. I use a scrub religiously as I have a few spots on my face that become scaly dry and also oily gluggy patches - YUK! I keep my facial scrub in the shower and I love that this Voeu scrub is presented in a sensible plastic tube that is easy to manage when wet. It contains natural Jojoba Oil to help soothe irritated skin and natural walnut shell to exfoliate dead skin and clean any impurities. After using my skin felt and looked fresh clean and ready to absorb my serum. I had no irritation or parched feel after using this great scrub and it will now replace my usual $38 scrub as the result is exactly the same minus the fancy packaging.
Great value face scrubs! I tried this product a while ago, it’s well made from trusted sources and easily find from supermarket aisle, Woolworths. The quality doesn’t disappoint me.  It removes my dead skin cell and I love to use it 2-3x per week  Worth to try for the price!