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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Fusion Ink Foundation is a foundation with a soft matte finish. The fine-as-ink formula delivers a lightweight yet high coverage that suits every skin type. The foundation contains extendable polymers for buildable, weightless coverage that lasts for 24 hours, and a dry oil complex that allows the foundation to set in seconds. Pure micro-coated pigments deliver lasting, radiant colour, and the face-zoning applicator allows for a precise, easy to use application that’s never cakey or heavy.

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Fusion Ink Foundation


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Gorgeous packaging, I love the bottle. I’m not a fan of the applicator (a dropper or a pump would have been easier; the thing they have inhere makes no sense). The consistency of this foundation is thinner than what I'm used to, but I love how I can build up my finish from a light finish to greater coverage (i.e. day to night). This foundation does require a bit more patience to work with for the same reasons. I prefer to use this foundation for evenings, only because this time of year the colour I have is a bit too light for my skin tone. Given the Brisbane weather and humidity, I get a long-lasting wear that requires no touching up. I really love the finish, wear and look of this foundation.
BRAND: Yves Saint Laurent is a luxurious French fashion house founded in 1961. The brand has a strong reputation in everything from fashion to jewellery, but particularly elegant beauty products.   PRODUCT: this Fusion Ink Foundation claims to be a revolutionary fine-as-ink foundation that provides SPF 18 protection and weightlessness throughout a 24 hours application life. It aims to provide a high-coverage soft matte finish that suits every skin type.   PACKAGING: the packaging is reliable, functional, and elegant. It comes with a stick applicator which allows an appropriate amount of product to be accessed with each dip. It also has a double lid system, which prevents spills if one of the components were to break or not be secured properly.   ATTRIBUTES: the consistency of the foundation is light and creamy, much like to the other YSL foundations I have used over the years. It applies well over any base and with any applicator (fingers, brush, blender etc).   COVERAGE: the foundation has buildable coverage. I mix a small amount with moisturiser to achieve a light coverage for work days, and use a blender over primer to achieve full coverage on special occasions.   PERFORMANCE: I would say that the foundation easily lasts twelve hours (possibly longer, but I haven’t worn it any longer personally to confirm this). I find myself hesitant to take it off after I get home from work/social outings as it still looks so beautiful on my skin. I have not noticed any oxidisation, patchiness, or product transfer.   POSITIVES: buildable, lightweight, matte, long-wear.   NEGATIVES: price.   RATING: 5/5.   RECOMMENDATION: I feel that this foundation is best suited to oilier skin types, however my sister has dry to combination skin and also adores this foundation (as long as her skin is well hydrated at the time as it can be a little drying otherwise). 
This Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Fusion Ink Foundation iso nly the second YSL product I have ever used, and I’ve got to say I am still so in love with this brand! So much so that I’m honestly kicking myself for not trying it sooner, but I guess it’s better late than never. Everything about this foundation is amazing; I really don’t know where to begin..   The packaging is elegant, and feels super high end. The two-part lid secures firmly and I have had no issues with spillage since I began carrying around in my makeup bag. The only thing I would really change about the product is the applicator, as I personally prefer a nozzle for hygiene and ease of application reasons. But it still gets the job done and helps give it an expensive touch.   The consistency of the foundation is light but not runny, I’d probably describe it as a velvety texture. The product applies well with a blender, brush, or just fingers; personally I think using a damp beauty blender gave the best results for my skin. I would say that the foundation gives anywhere from light to full coverage, depending on how it is applied and the amount used. On workdays I apply one pump focusing on my t-zone and blending outwards for a really light and natural coverage, whereas for social occasions I use between two and three pumps depending on how much of a confidence boost I need.    The performance of this foundation is great. I have tried it with both primers and setting sprays, but honestly you don’t need them with this product. It easily lasts throughout the day, and handles humidity really well. My favourite thing about this foundation is the way it reacts to my skin throughout the time I‘m wearing it. I honestly feel that the longer I were this product, the more natural and beautiful it looks on my skin. After ten+ hours at work there are no signs of oxidisation or blotchiness or any of those nasties that can be associated with long-wear foundations.   One thing to note is that the foundation can be quite drying, especially in the cooler months. But as long as I cleansed and prepared my skin and applied a good moisturiser before application I had no problems with unwanted dryness or uneven patches.   I would 100% recommend this product, particularly for oily or combination skin types. I have combination skin that tends to lean towards the dry side in winter, and I love this foundation, so I think it would be suitable to most dry skin types as well, as long as a really good moisturiser is used before and after. This foundation has now replaced Estee Lauder Double Wear as the staple foundation in my makeup bag, a change I never thought I would make.    In summary: Pros – lightweight, blendable, buildable coverage, matte finish (may differ for oily skin), long-wearing, fragrance-free, doesn’t require primers or setting powders/sprays, looks high-end. Cons – applicator wand (personal preference), potentially drying, pricey. Suitability – all skin types.
By far one of my favourite foundations ! I got given a sample from Sephora & the actual YSL counter in Myer where i work so that's beneficial to me. More so i can test out the product before buying it & to see if i actually like the product. I love it because it gives a me good coverage (light-full coverage depending how many pumps i use). I would start off with a good skincare routine {Important step to having healthy & radiant look & to prep skin for makeup}. I'd cleanse my skin with a cleanser and apply a water based moisturiser {Because i have combo skin, which refers to oily t-zone with normal skin around the face. I tend to use 2-3 pumps for my entire face & using a damped beauty blender to blend out my product evenly on my face. After using this product i actually love it, the down side to it was my skin was flaking due to my moisturiser not being rich enough to keep my skin hydrated underneath this product. PROS: Light weight, feels more like a serum rather than a runny consistency Light coverage to full coverage (depends how much you use or layer on) Gives a matte finish {Shoutout to those who loves matte finishes} Doesn't really have a scent to it, just smells like foundations i guess. Serum-like consistency Blends easily & definately buildable  Best blended with fingers, flat foundation brush or even a damp beauty blender Must use a good moisturiser underneath skin, or even facial oils etc. ( PRIMER and MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY is optional, but i don't use it) No need to top it up with any transluscent powder or even a setting foundation powder Cons:  Can be quite drying or flakey on skin or even have patches (if skins very dry or dehydated).  A good moisturiser MUST be used underneath this foundation or even oil (a light layer facial oils etc to nourish & prep skin) to keep the skin nourish & prevents foundation from flaking, having dry patches or having that not so radiant complexion. Targets: Basically one can use this foundation (normal to oily skin can use this) People with dry skin, ensure you are set with a hydrated or a rich moisturiser if you're planning to try this out ! People who love matte finishes Any ages between 18+ can use this product. (mainly because people who are younger,  their skin is still developing with hormones therefore should not use makeup before the age of 18.
This product is expensive - but worth every penny. It Glides on like an absolute dream, I wish i could just continue to apply it as it goes on so smooth and has such a silky finish. I like the applicator and the fact that a little bit goes a long way. If your skin is oily I'd recommend saving this product for winter or special occasions as during summer it was a bit much for me, but I still love it.
One of the best foundations I have ever tried! I was lucky enough to be given a sample of this foundation in store, which is always beneficial to me because as a student I cannot afford the price tag. The sample was both a blessing and a disappointment, the disappointment being that I loved it so much and I know I can't afford to go back and get the full-size! Packaging and application: Firstly, I noticed the packaging in store was beautiful. Looked very high-end and vintage-couture. The rod-like applicator is very on trend at the moment, and is great for applying product straight to your face to then be blended in with a brush. It's a great alternative to the traditional pump bottles. Those who use their fingers to apply foundation however may not find this applicator attractive. Wear/longevity: As a person very interested in how primers can affect the application and finish of a foundation, I used this foundation using only half of my face with primer. Without the primer, I was blown away at how effortlessly the foundation blended, it felt like it was just gliding over my face. I was very impressed. With primer it applied like an absolute dream, felt like a silk cloth going over my face, and blended very well, although only marginally better than the side of my face with primer. The finish was pretty much exactly the same. Considering this, I felt like it was one foundation where it did not necessarily NEED to be applied over primer, it worked just beautifully on its own. The coverage is more medium, which suits me perfectly as I do not like heavy coverage foundations. The coverage is easily buildable however, so those who prefer a fuller coverage will still find use for it. The staying power was great, as someone with more oilier skin I wasn't expecting it to last the whole 8 hours of my usual day. It left a beautiful matte finish which lasted, something that is very attractive to me. I saw it had a great colour range to suit all skin tones, and colours seemed very natural. I got 3 uses out of my sample, and all times that I used it I loved it. Will seriously be in post-sample depression :(
This foundation does look gorgeous is and I find it has a similar velvet-water consistency that I've previously enjoyed in L'Oreal's Nude Magique Eau De Teinte foundation. Comparatively though it does have a noticeable amount of alcohol in it which you can smell right away. I'm in my mid twenties with oily/combination skin that can be dried out from certain products and this one is one of them. I wouldn't use this daily for this reason but will keep for special occasions.
I read so many good reviews for this foundation, in magazines and online, and I was very excited to finally buy it and try it for myself, my first ysl product and one of the most expensive, luxurious foundations I've ever owned, after Lancôme teinte idole duo. Firstly, the bottle is just gorgeous, I love seeing it sitting on my bathroom shelf every morning. The applicator is brilliant, it gives the perfect amount every time, nothing wasted. I apply a dab on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, extra on my blemishes and blend in and that's it, perfect, matte yet luminous, shine free coverage that lasts until I cleanse at night. The first time I used it, I applied my primer, waited 10 minutes and then applied the foundation. That was a mistake, I ended up with dry patches and it didn't blend in properly. Next time, I applied primer then the foundation straight away, and blending was effortless. If you have dry, mature skin, this foundation may not be for you, but oily/combination skin is ideal. The absolute best, luxurious, fancy and prettiest foundation I've ever had the pleasure of owning.