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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation is a liquid foundation that targets shadowy areas and highlights the contours of the face. The weightless fluid texture evens the complexion and conceals imperfections while enhancing skin’s natural beauty.

Available in 15 shades.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation


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Greasier than an oil spill

I wanted to love this product. I paid 89 bucks for it, I think wanting to love it was more than warranted... But I just couldn't love it. It sat funny on and around my nose and made me look as greasy as fries freshly pulled from the deep fryer at Maccas. I think this would work for you if you have a dry skin type, but unfortunately for my bank account I have normal-combo skin. I'd say save your hard earned pennies and try a L'Oreal foundation instead.

Full matte coverage that lasts

Touche Eclat Foundation is an amazing full coverage matte foundation. Firstly I’m amazed at how little you need to apply to get a full cover, and how easy to spread the foundation is. The foundation ‘sets’ quickly and doesn’t budge for the entire day, requiring no touch ups at all. There is no oxidation at all. The shine I usually have on my forehead was under control all day which in itself is amazing but at no point did my skin ever look dry. Definitely worth the $$
It looks like I have an unpopular opinion about this product For $89 this one is definitely not worth it ladies. There are so many other products that perform a lot better for a lot less $$ I would save your money. This product isn't horrible. The packaging is beautiful and has a light and pleasant scent however the coverage is very light and I found it oxidised once on my skin becoming a little orange about 10 minutes after applying . This is not a full coverage product and I found it quite watery in consistency. I am not a fan of heavy and very full coverage foundation however this one was so light weight I found it to be a small step up from tinted moisturiser. Overall, not a fan and wouldn't re purchase
This is a great foundation! I have combo skin and it's nice to be glowy without looking sweaty or greasy and normally this is hard to achieve but this foundation does a great job!  I wish there was more of a shade range, but I've found this foundation plays nicely with shade adjusting drops without curdling which is a plus!
HEy Everyone !  OMG i cannot rant enough with this product ! It's my holy grail product & I swear it will change your life ! Cause it did change mine !  The packaging of the product is very elegant & does the job that it claims to do. It gives a medium to full coverage, totally light weight and definately buildable.  It's best to apply this product using a flat head foundation brush, beauty blenders or even an air-brush machine. It comes in variety of colours that suits all skin types. It may cost a fortune for this foundation but trust me you get what you pay for. Quality wise is perfect & high quality ! I use this as my everyday foundation & a little goes a long way (1-2 pumps is all i use) so one bottle will last me at least 1-4 months at least cause i don't over use mine.  The scent wise of this foundation is quite light, to me it smells like flowers or even blossoms. After using this product for a while now i just absolutely love it and cannot live without it. I currently use the colour B30 (almond) and i am asian so therefore it's a medium shade. The foundation blends in well with my skin, gives a dewy glowy finish. Even with the product on, it just feels like i have no foundation on because it's that natural & blends in so well with my skin. I've been getting heaps of compliments after using this products & feedback by co-workers, families & friends. I would recommend this product to every girl and guy out there who is after a long lasting foundation with a dewy natural finish. 
Hey there, fellow beauty addicts, another day, another review, so hold onto your seats for this one. Just when I thought I couldn't love, no adore my YSL teint ink fusion foundation any more than I do, and I do absolutely love it to little, gorgeous, magical bits, well, I then stumbled across this one, the touch eclat teint, which turned out to be just as wonderful, and is now my number 2 favourite. I love everything about it, the packaging, the pump, which I always look out for in any skin or makeup product I buy, as it's hygienic and mess free, and of course, the foundation itself is just heavenly.  After my usual preparation of my skin, double cleansing, exfoliation, serum, moisturiser and primer, I pumped out the smallest amount, which was more than enough for my forehead, cheeks, and chin, and blended, blended and buffed into my skin, so easy to do by the way. I applied another tiny dot to the blemishes and red, uneven patches, and blended and buffed some more. All this took about 5 minutes, maybe less, for my entire foundation application, always a good thing for those lazy, busy and hectic mornings we all seem to have in this fast paced, modern life. Oh, what were the results I hear you ask? Well I'll tell you. The results were flawless, glowing, concealed and perfectly covered and fresh skin. It took minutes, it was easy to blend and buff in, the colour I had was just perfection on my usually hard to colour match pale skin, I wasn't irritated in the slightest and I really do have the most sensitive skin on this planet and my skin looked fresh, glowing and fabulous right up until my evening cleanse, where it came off completely and easily with one swipe of a micellar water soaked cotton pad. I've used it for a few weeks now and the results are not just the same but better and better each time. It works for any and every occasion, from a job interview to shopping to being at home in your track pants. After the ink fusion foundation, it is simply the best foundation I've ever used, and I have tried hundreds from hundreds of brands. My quest for the holy grail of foundations may be getting easier and easier, and it's all thanks to beautiful foundations like these. It's makeup like this that has the power to make you feel confident and beautiful and even powerful, with one dab or swipe or pump. That is the reason that makeup is my one big passion in life, as I truly believe that these simple things can change the way you feel about yourself and the world. I urge you all to get out to the shops and buy yourself a bottle of this magical liquid gold in a bottle and feel the power and confidence for yourself. 
This is my all time favourite foundation. From the luxe glass packaging to the gold detail, the bottle looks elegant. The pump is practical, and I find one pump is generally ample. This foundation is easy to work with, utilising a brush, sponge or fingers work well. This foundation is the "my skin but better" finish everyone dreams of. I find that the colour match BD10 is great for my fairly pale skin, at times I have had difficulty getting good matches. Once the foundation is applied, your skin feels so natural, in no way is there a heavy/clogged feeling. Minor imperfections and uneven skin tone disappear, the coverage is a light to medium easily build able all whilst still maintaining a natural dewy look. The staying power is good, I find at the end of the day, the foundation lasts and still maintains the fresh look you started the day with. I have tried numerous other foundations, and this remains one of the ones I keep going back to.
This foundation is life. I would walk to the ends of the planet to find this foundation. Never before have I experienced such a light-weight, quality coverage foundation. The best bit about this product is that it blends so well and just soaks into the skin looking beautifully natural, however you can also layer it to get even better coverage. A little bit definitely goes a long way with this foundation - however I tend to use more to get long-wear. I tend to find the foundation does stay better on the skin when wearing primer and/or using a setting spray - however for just a day event it is fine to be used straight on moisturiser. This foundation gives you that beautiful, youthful, dewy glow.
I love Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation it's got a great texture as it's light but it covers the skin like a dream.  I use a MAC foundation brush and find that I really don't need much and the bottle lasts a long time.  I love the pump action as I find there is no wastage, it's economical and no germs as your not not dipping or getting the nozzle in contact with your skin.  It's a good quality pump too as I've never had it get clogged and you get right to the last drop.  The colour I use is B40, I'm a light/medium skin tone I have  freckles and large pores and find this suits my skin.   It covers and gives a natural look, people comment on how natural it is, it's not a heavy foundation.  It's the only foundation I'm using at the moment and I can use the same coloursummer and winter.  The finish is dewy, but never oily and it lasts all day. I don't find I need to reapply at all.  It's certainly worth the money, I've been through about 4 bottles and will repurchase again. 
As every bit as miraculous as it's sister...Touche Eclat highlighter,this foundation is skin changing.I got this not long after it came out,and despite the fact that i am NOT a foundation loving girl,i adore this.It has the same light reflecting properties as the wand,the same skin loving formula and the light as air feel (a must for someone like me who is aching to take off their foundation the minute it goes on).The pump bottle means you get a perfect - every - time dose,the light reflecting particles mean a "you,only better" look and a rested glow,whilst the long wearability of the foundation means you can go from work to weeknight drinks with ease (and no touch ups).Just as with the highlighter wand,this comes in a huge range of shades,so every skin...from the most porcelain to the lushest cocoa can find a match.If you like the original Touche Eclat,you will LOVE this foundation.TIP:Want the dewiest,sexiest skin ever ? Mix a little extra highlighter powder with this to give a truly ethereal glow that looks "lit from within".