Everything you’ve wanted to know about Rachael Finch’s beauty routine

The beautiful brunette shares her secrets

Beauty Crew Editor / May 25 2017

It wasn’t long ago that it was announced that our very own Rachael Finch made beauty history by becoming John Frieda’s very first spokesperson and celebrity educator in the Australian market, and Beauty Crew was lucky enough to chat to her to find out more about her beauty routine, how she keeps her hair looking that good, and what she loves about being a brunette.

What are 3 beauty products we’d find in your beauty kit right now?
 “Coconut oil: I use it anywhere, anytime, everywhere, but mainly on my body for photo shoots or during travel to keep my skin hydrated. I love the smell of it and it's 100 per cent natural.  

John Frieda Frizz Ease® Secret Weapon® Finishing Crème: This is my must-have. It’s an on-the-go touch-up to eliminate frizz. Formulated with avocado oil, you apply the crème to dried hair and it rehydrates your hair and fights frizz, for a smooth, silky look. 

Plump mascara by Colour Theory: The mascaras are made in Italy and have a powdery formulation, so really leave my lashes thick and full.” 

Can you talk us through your everyday beauty routine?
“I cleanse and moisturise morning and night. My fave moisturiser at the moment is the Serum 7 Day and Night Cream from Boots Laboratories. Every three to four days I will exfoliate to cleanse deeper, and once a fortnight I like to use a good quality face mask or peel. As soon as I finish work I take my makeup off and apply moisturiser. Also, once a month I take the time to get a facial where my skin is steamed, extracted and has a peel placed over the top.” 

You have gorgeous hair – what’s your secret to keeping it looking so fresh and glossy?
 “Thank you! I really think it's about taking a holistic approach - eating fresh, healthy food, drinking enough water, giving the hair regular hydrating treatments and using good quality products. I’ve fallen in love with the John Frieda® Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Brighter range. The Shampoo and Conditioner illuminate the brunette tones in my hair with every wash, and the In Shower Lightening Treatment is a quick and simple way to brighten and tone my brunette highlights, refreshing my colour between salon visits. My life is pretty full, so these products have been a saviour. They help me keep my colour looking fresh and prolong my salon visits when I’m too busy or can’t get in for an appointment." 

Visibly Brighter™ Shampoo

Visibly Brighter™ Conditioner

Visibly Brighter™ In-Shower Lightening Treatment

"I also try not to wash my hair every day and if I know I am working, I’ll make sure I use a heat protecting product like the John Frieda® Frizz Ease® 6 Effects™ Serum, which helps protect my hair from the effects of heat from styling tools.”

What’s your favourite thing about being brunette?
“I feel my hair is strong and healthy as a brunette. There is less bleaching and stripping of colour happening. I still enjoy adding highlights or pops of lighter pieces without damaging my hair. My husband also loves me as a brunette!”  

What’s your favourite way to style your hair yourself?
“I love a loose ballet style bun or naturally dried beach waves. I’ve been using the John Frieda® Beach Blonde® Ocean Waves® Sea Salt Spray whenever I can to create that relaxed wave and give my hair added texture. I spray it in my hair when it's wet and let it dry naturally.” 

What’s been your biggest hair regret?
“When I was a teenager my girlfriends and I used to straighten our hair using a clothes iron and ironing board! My gosh I can't believe we did it! It was probably very damaging and not to mention dangerous.”  

Do you have any hair secrets or time-saving hacks that you’ve learnt from the pros?
“I never sleep with a hair tie in, so I don’t put any pressure on my head or hair strands while sleeping. I also find my hair sits well in the morning when I leave it out during sleep. And when my hair really needs a wash and I don't have time, I go for a sleek pony or tight bun with no flyaways.”  

What about other beauty tricks or hacks?
“I change my pillow case every three nights to keep my skin as clean and bacteria-free as possible. This helps reduce breakouts. I also don't sleep with makeup on, ever. An obvious one but very important. I like to use a toothbrush to brush my brows, and I use most lip balms on the tops of my hands for hydration.”  

How do you like to stay fit?
“I like to break up my week with a variety of activities. I dance, practice yoga, take Pilates classes, swim and run. I think it's important to challenge and train the body in different ways and this way of staying fit keeps it exciting and fun. I have come from a competitive sporting background where there was lots of training and 'pushing' my body. I think the most important part for me now is listening to my body and giving it what it feels, not what I think it should be doing.” 

What’s your favourite guilty pleasure food?
“Anything chocolate. Especially dark chocolate.” 


Image credits: Getty; @rachael_finch

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