Rebecca Harding just launched an elevated shaving kit and we've tested it out for you

“It was time that hair removal products got a makeover”

Beauty Editor / September 19 2023

Somwhere along the way, many of our standard grooming practices became luxurious self-care rituals. A mid-week hair wash routine now far exceeds just a standard two-step shampoo and conditioner. Basic acne treatments have gone from medicinal-style washes to boujee face masks and pimple patches that moonlight as accessories. Heck, even the dandruff category is undergoing a chic makeover.

In fact, thanks to trends like TikTok's 'everything shower' it feels as though every corner of the skin and body care realm has undergone a glamorous rebrand.

Except for one time-consuming part of nearly every woman's routine: shaving. Well, at least until now.

Introducing the newest kid on the self-care block: Lui, a brand determined to flip the reputation of shaving on its mundane little head.


What is Lui Body all about?

Lui is the brainchild of Rebecca Harding and co-founder, Ingrid Kesa. After being cooked up by Harding more than three years prior, the intention behind this launch was to elevate the shaving experience for women. 

The plastic pink razors we grew up with have not. As a beauty lover, I recognised that every other product I use in my daily routine is intentional, aesthetically pleasing and results-driven,” said Harding in a statement shared to the brand’s website. 

Launching as a three-product offering, Lui’s range includes The Razor ($49.95 at Lui), Refill Blade Set ($31.95 at Lui) and the hydrating Shave Cream ($39.95 at Lui) that has been formulated locally in Melbourne, Australia. 

Lui review

In a fun surprise, it wasn’t just the shea butter and aloe vera-rich Shaving Cream that was making my thirsty skin excited. The skin-softening dark horse within the range actually lives within the "moisturising cushion" that surrounds the blade of The Razor. Forget overly-drying soap and think vitamin E, aloe vera, glycerin and citric acid.

In terms of price, you’re looking at paying slightly over what you would for your basic supermarket blade. And although the business model has been setup in a similar fashion to the world-famous Dollar Shave Club (which also offers a subscription model for razors) you won’t be picking up Lui’s products for $1 sorry.

But, as we've all learnt the hard way (with the patchy legs and scars to prove it) when it comes to a razor, you get what you pay for.

Final verdict

I hate shaving my legs. Much like Harding, I too steal a men's razor from my partner. But only when things are dire, otherwise I simply avoid the step at all costs. Why? Because it's boring, time-consuming and it nearly always leaves my skin dry and a little itchy.

Though the sharpness of his supermarket blade does a good enough job at removing the hair, the rigid design (which has been crafted for men who don’t cover much surface area) does not.

So to experience a razor that is not one bit awkward to hold plus bends and curves to your body with complete ease was nothing short of thrilling.

As for the shaving cream, this is the first one I have ever actually used. Talk about game-changing. Not only for the practical benefit of being able to actually see the spots you haven’t covered, but also for the condition it leaves your skin in. Let’s just say my body wash and lotion are about to be out of a job.

From here on out, I’m expecting to see a lot more aesthetic bathroom TikTok’s featuring Lui Body’s lineup.

Oh and a whole lot of silky smooth legs too.

Main image credit: @rebeccalharding/@luibody

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