Gal Gadot is the new face of Revlon

Gal Gadot

The Wonder Woman actress is just the first of five new Revlon beauty ambassadors being announced this month

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 28 2020

Gal Gadot is starting off 2018 with a bang - the Wonder Woman actress has just been announced as the newest Global Ambassador for Revlon.

Gal will be part of Revlon’s new Live Boldly campaign, which will launch later this month.

According to the brand, the new campaign has been designed to bring women together and inspire passion, optimism, strength and style.

We can see why they’d pick Gal for the job. Actress, wife, mum, former soldier and former Miss Israel… she basically puts us all to shame!

“Revlon is such an iconic and groundbreaking brand, a champion of women, and I am so happy to be part of this family now,” says Gal.

“There’s a cultural shift happening, which Revlon celebrates, where feminine power is recognised, and I’m so proud that I get to witness and live this amazing change,” adds Gal.

“Revlon has always celebrated and championed strong, independent women in its iconic campaigns and in its philanthropic initiatives. Gal captures the beauty, strength, modernity and boldness that Revlon represents,” says Fabian Garcia, President & CEO of Revlon.

Gal recently posted a short clip on her Instagram account, giving us a taster of what’s to come, adding “You know I love a bold red lip, right? Well, I’m about to make it official. Check out this little teaser from @Revlon#LiveBoldly"

Gal will join the likes of existing Revlon ambassadors Gwen Stefani, Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde, Julianne Moore and Halle Berry in her new role. Plus, four additional brand ambassadors will be announced later in the month. So stay tuned! 

“Gal, and all the new Revlon brand ambassadors are emblematic of the beauty, determination and attitude that reflect what it is for women to live boldly in today’s world,” explains Garcia.

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Who do you think will join Gal Gadot as a Revlon brand ambassador? Let us know your predictions in the comment section below.

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