Does Revlon’s anti-grey hair dye stack up?

Revlon ColorSilk

Our members put the at-home colour to the test

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 31 2017

The product

Grey hairs are an unfortunate reality of ageing. Whether they strike before you’d expect or gradually develop as you get older, there’s a good chance that whenever they do appear you’ll want them gone, and gone fast. That’s where Revlon’s ColorSilk at-home hair dye comes in – the high-quality formula promises to deliver 100 per cent grey coverage and a beautiful colour at a budget-friendly price.

Our Review Crew® put the new home hair colour to the test, and here’s what they had to say in their Revlon ColourSilk reviews.

The panel

We sent Revlon’s ColorSilk to women aged between 30 and 50 who wanted a high-quality home hair dye that delivered professional results at an affordable price.

The lowdown

Here’s what the Review Crew® loved about Revlon ColorSilk:

How well it covered grey hairs: The majority of reviewers were pleased with how well the dye concealed their grey hairs, with many commenting that they would opt for Revlon ColorSilk instead of, or in between, professional salon treatments to quickly and easily cover any greys.

How shiny and soft the conditioner left hair: Testers were impressed with how shiny and soft the conditioner left their hair, with many saying their hair felt as though they had just put a treatment through it. Others were also pleased with how nice and fresh their hair smelled after using the conditioner.

How natural the finished colour looked: Many reviewers loved the natural results this hair dye achieved. Numerous testers mentioned that not only did there seem to be various colours within the dye itself, but the colour blended beautifully, leaving hair looking natural and multi-toned.

Good to know: Some testers with very long, thick hair noted that they had to stretch the colour pretty thin to cover the entirety of their lengths or purchase an additional dye kit.

The verdict

"Loved Revlon ColourSilk !!!! I loved the fact that it covered all my greys especially all the ones around my hairline, which are the most visible. This hair dye also left my hair feeling really soft and like it had had a treatment put through it. Often store bought hair dyes make my hair feel course and dry especially as my hair is really thick and curly, but this product was amazing. It was so easy to apply and didn’t have that horrible smell often associated with home hair dyes. Will definitely recommend this to friends and family."
Review Crew® Member
This product was nice and easy to use, which is great. Once I applied the colour to my hair the texture was good and easy to apply with a pleasant colour. I liked the end result as the grey coverage was wonderful and it left my hair soft, smooth & shiny, which I loved. I would definitely use this product again as it delivered exactly the results that I expected without the high price tag at the hairdressers.
Review Crew® Member
Product was easy to apply and [left] little to no mess. I have very long, thick hair so I was impressed by the colour, depth and coverage the small bottle gave me. The colour was very natural and covered greys really well. Very impressed, will repurchase.
Review Crew® Member

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This star rating is based on 67 reviews and is correct as of 17/10/2017

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