Matte nude lip colour just got a complete makeover

Here’s what our Review Crew® had to say about this uber-comfy matte lippy

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / August 12 2021

The product

We think we can all universally agree, when it comes to nailing a matte nude lip colour formula, the stakes are high. 

Traditional lipsticks can err on the dry side and the colours available can tend to wash us out, adding further fuel to the fire and leaving our lips looking less than their best.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor™ Naked Mattes take the guesswork out of the whole confusing (not to mention traumatic) process that is finding a flattering nude. We’re talking comfy, all-day wear, in a range of six neutral high-coverage shades that are deliciously scented with creamy mango and whipped vanilla.

Here’s what our panel of Review Crew® testers had to say about this revolutionary take on the matte nude lip colour.

The panel

Beauty Crew sent Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor™ Naked Mattes to a panel of women aged 25 to 39 with a love for all things beauty.

The lowdown

Here’s what the Review Crew® loved about Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor™ Naked Mattes.

The non-drying formula: Those of our members who aren’t fans of traditional (and often drying) matte lipstick formulas loved how comfortable the Ultra HD formula felt on their lips throughout the day. 

The shade range: A lot of reviewers pointed out how wearable all the shades were, but they also loved that they could be worn in a variety of settings such as work, evening drinks and day-to-day wear.

The delicious scent: We don’t know about you, but over here at BEAUTYcrew, we love a scented lip colour. And so do our Review Crew® members apparently, because they kept commenting on just how yummy they thought the creamy mango and whipped vanilla scent was.

The verdict

“First thing I noticed was the lovely compact case the lip colours came in, slender and very feminine. The second was a lovely fragrance (fruit like). I am not a big matte lipstick wearer which is why I wanted to test these. Loved the colours, I think they would suit a lot of different complexions, hair colours and ages. I received Bare Down, Cheek to Cheek and Frisky. The wand was perfect and gave great precision. I wouldn't call it a long lasting lip colour but I feel it is a great compromise between a true long lasting matte (often dry) lipstick and a normal type matte lipstick. I could also add a bit of gloss if I wanted without ruining the colour or making it bleed. I am definitely going to investigate some more colours.”
Jenny W
REVIEWcrew® Member
“I am beyond thrilled with these lip colours! Usually, never in my wildest dreams would I buy a matte lip colour. I'm mean, we've all been there. Trying for that matte lip look only to end up with lips that feel parched and look like two rust pipes instead of lips! But the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour totally changes that narrative! The colours are beautiful, the texture is a dream and the wearability is sublime! I couldn't believe how moisturised my lips felt for hours, nor how long the colour lasted. This from a girl who usually eats off her lipstick between the bathroom and the front door. It's an absolute revelation and if it sounds like I'm gushing, that's because I am. It really is that good and I'm a convert.”
Nicole O
REVIEWcrew® Member
“I am not usually a fan of matte lipsticks, (especially in winter)but the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour is not at all drying. This lip colour glides on smoothly and feels like you are not wearing lipstick and as a bonus they all smell delicious! The Bare Down (981) was my everyday go to colour, it looked great with both pink and peach based blushes. Whereas Frisky (982) was a bright, fun colour to wear out and about to a special occasion. [I liked that it] had great staying power [but] didn’t need to be reapplied constantly, a lovely scent and felt fab on my lips!”
Tanya R
REVIEWcrew® Member

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