Rihanna is hosting a virtual rager and we're all invited

There ain't no party like a RiRi party

Digital Beauty Editor / July 29 2020

As far as party invites go, one from Rihanna is pretty much the pinnacle. TBH, we've had 'attend a shindig hosted by RiRi' on our bucket lists forever, but we still never quite expected to see the words "ever wanted to party with Rihanna?" splashed across our Insta feeds. Like, what kind of question is that? Of. Course. We. Have.

Yep, the rumours are true: Ri's hosting a party to celebrate the long-awaited Fenty Skin launch and we're all at the top of her guest list.

What can we expect from the event, you ask? A few of our very favourite things...

It has all the elements of a great party in our books: skin care (hello, we're SUPER fans), live chats (we love to see it), dancing (um, this officially means our hours spent learning TikTok routines haven't been a waste), and best of all, drinks (er, we're assuming we mix these up ourselves, unless they've created some kind of beverage-themed take on Charlie & The Chocolate Factory's 'Wonkavision'; if anyone could do it, it'd be Fenty...)

So if you're free tomorrow (and let's be real, if you weren't already, you're going to make damn sure you are now) here's everything you need to know.

The date:

July 29th in the U.S., which equals Thursday July 30th for us Aussies.

The time:

This is where it gets a little confusing, but don't stress, we've got you. The party kicks off at 7pm Pacific Time (the time zone RiRi's on at her L.A. home), which means somewhere around mid-morning to midday (long lunch break, anyone?) in Australia.

If you're on AEST (QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, and the ACT), tune in at 12pm. if you're on AWST (WA), be ready at 10am, and if you're on ACST (SA, Broken Hill and the NT), 11.30am is the time to jump on.

The place:

Well that's the best bit, isn't it? The place is your very own! Technically, though, you're going to want to head to fentyskin.com/launchparty to get in on the action.

Want to double check any details? Here's your personal invite, straight from Rihanna herself...

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