Rita Ora's butt workout will have you sweating bullets


July 22 2020

In the first video, Rita can be seen doing leg lift pulses on all fours, a move that specifically targets the glutes. Next, she demonstrates two different types of squats: dumbbell squat pulses which fire up the hamstrings, quads and core and in-and-out jump squats using the TRX. The last one is a plyometric move, meaning it strengthens the legs and glutes while providing an extra cardio element. 

It’s worth noting Rita makes this combo look relatively easy (shout out to her perfect form,) but talking from experience it’s a real booty burner... Prepare to feel those legs quake!

As for the rest of her week in workouts? In a previous interview with Shape, the 29-year-old said she hits the gym for one to two hours daily, focusing mainly on high-intensity interval training and weights. She’s also a big believer in the benefits regular exercise has on her mental health. 

"I started working out to feel better," Rita told the publication. "And I think it’s important for women to know that."

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