Rose Byrne’s throwback snap proves she’s always had the best brows

Rose Byrne throwback photo

It’s the prettiest eighth grade photo we’ve ever seen

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / December 11 2018

So, what did you look like in eighth grade? We’ll tell you what 99 per cent of us DIDN’T look like: Rose Byrne.

Have you seen her recent throwback snap?! She basically looks like a mini model.

Seriously. Have you ever seen a school photo like this? Come on! 

The Aussie actress recently shared the photo on Instagram, simply captioning the pic “eighth grade”. Very humble, Rose.

While many of us spent eighth grade sporting questionable hairstyles, pimple-plagued skin and appallingly skinny brows, it appears Rose Byrne was getting around school with none of the above. Dressed in her school uniform, the pic shows her with clear skin, perfectly flushed cheeks and a killer set of bold brows. Heck, even her messy hair looks uber stylish! 

We’ll just be here waiting for a picture of when she *didn’t* look like a million bucks. If such a thing even exists.

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Inset image credit: @fullyrosebyrne

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