Guys, Rose Byrne is now platinum blonde

Rose Byrne now has blonde hair

This colour was made for her

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 24 2018

Name one time you’ve seen Rose Byrne with any other hair colour apart from her signature chestnut/brunette hue. Can’t? That’s because she’s pretty much always rocked the same hair colour, which makes her dramatic new colour switch-up extra exciting. 

And it looks like she’s done with playing it safe because she’s gone all out, showing off a brand new platinum blonde hue on the red carpet for the opening of the Broadway show The Lifespan of a Fact.

We have to say, this colour was made for her.

The hairstylist behind her new hue is Lena Ott, who shared the first snap of Rose’s new colour on Instagram, captioning the pic, “@fullyrosebyrne debuts her new PLATINUM ‘do! #lenaottcolor #rosebyrne #suitecaroline@harryjoshhair

For the event, Rose wore her icy blonde shade in a sleek, layered hairstyle. It’s a far cry from her usual brunette locks, and we think those dark roots are totally striking, giving her whole look an edgy touch.

Ott also shared a snap of Rose’s new hair colour and her old hair colour side by side, proving just how dramatic her hair transformation is. She’s almost unrecognisable!

While we don’t know if she’s dyed her hair for an upcoming role or if she was just feeling like a change, what we do know is that brunettes looking to cross over to blonde territory should definitely take note!

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What do you think of Rose’s new hair colour? Do you prefer her blonde or brunette? Let us know in the comment section below.

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