Selena Gomez has a clever concealer trick for locking your makeup in

And it takes mere seconds

Digital Beauty Editor / September 07 2020

With the recent launch of her line Rare Beauty, it’s no surprise that Selena Gomez is all about makeup right now. And though we Aussies haven’t been blessed with access to it just yet (cue tears; the liquid blush looks damn good), there aren’t any international shipping limits on advice, and luckily for us, Gomez has been shelling out some stellar tips while showing off the new products.

Her latest trick, as revealed in a makeup how-to via Vogue, involves book-ending your routine with a little base-perfecting action, and it's one we'll be embracing immediately.

Her regimen is pretty standard to start with; she applies a light layer of foundation across her entire face, then follows with concealer under her eyes and across her T-zone (between the brows, around the nose, and over the chin). Once her coverage is in tact, she adds a little colour – liquid blush, powder bronzer, and liquid highlighter to be precise.

But while she then moves onto her eyeshadow and liquid liner, she actually returns to base as her final step, adding a little strategically placed concealer to pull everything together. “I do a last look thing, which is so L.A. – ‘last looks’, she laughs, referencing the final touchup checks that happen in Hollywood, whether onset or before red carpets.

“This is just to ensure that everything that I just did [is locked in],” she says dotting liquid concealer underneath her eyes and onto her chin before buffing it in with a blending brush. Then, after the concealer is applied, she uses blotting papers and a little powder puff to absorb any excess oil, ensuring it’s set in place for the long haul.

The key is to only apply concealer in areas where you didn’t place any other colours – for example, when working under your eyes, be careful not to cross over into the area of the cheek where you applied blush.

Luckily for Gomez it’s easy to steer clear, considering she relies on the ‘chiselled blush’ technique, a trick taught to her by her makeup artist Hung Vanngo that sees her applying blush to her cheekbones rather than the apples of her cheeks. The chin is safe in her book, too – Gomez advises applying bronzer under and around the chin for a little sunkissed definition but not over the actual area itself.

So, stick to those spots and you too will be rocking a Gomez-esque glow (in all the right places only) all day long. And though we can’t yet get our hands on the Rare Beauty concealer she was using, there are still plenty of face-freshening formulas that'll definitely do the trick...

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Main image credit: @hungvanngo

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