Shanina Shaik on the old-school beauty hack she believes in and the $6 buy she calls 'an essential'

Plus, the cat eye trick she learnt from Pat McGrath

Digital Beauty Editor / May 22 2022

Tim Tams may hold the title for ‘most craving-worthy Aussie export’ but global supermodel Shanina Shaik has got to be the chicest.

But while, yes, she does have the bone structure of an actual goddess and a seemingly eternal glow, she’s still real about the fact that her skin journey hasn’t always been easy. The best bit about Shaik’s honesty? She doesn’t keep the solutions she’s found along the way too close to her chest.

So when Shaik returned home to Australia to walk the Gala Runway presented by David Jones (as a special guest of the brand), we simply had to beg her to spill all of her best-kept beauty secrets…

Shanina Shaik’s skin care journey

No, despite what you may think, Shaik’s skin type isn’t solely ‘beautiful'. “I had acne and oily skin during my younger years but over time, I have learnt a lot about my skin type and the importance of balance which has really helped. I believe a lot of that has come from focusing on beauty from within and making sleep, water, and multivitamins a priority. Finding a great cleanser which works for my skin, creating balance and removing all impurities has really changed the way my skin looks. Given my skin type, perfecting that balance has been so important to prevent breakouts.”

But hey, if you’re still in the midst of finding said balance with acne or any other skin issue, Shaik wants you to keep in mind that comparison is a curse, especially when it comes to Hollywood. “I think it’s important to remember that when models are on photoshoots, there are professional hair and makeup artists on set who spend hours creating a look with additional touch ups throughout the day,” she explains as a gentle reminder to go easy on yourself in the journey to 'good' skin.

Shaik certainly believes in putting your money where your epidermis is, though: “I think investing in high quality skin care product is so important. I did recently splurge on the La Mer The Moisturising Soft Cream ($265 at David Jones) which I really love.” However, even supermodels enjoy a steal – “[You] can’t go wrong with some pawpaw cream – always an essential,” Shaik noted re: a homegrown Aussie fave of hers. We would agree that the Lucas Papaw Ointment ($4.99 at Priceline) is indeed all too worthy of 'old faithful' status.


Lucas Papaw Ointment

Shanina Shaik’s self-care hacks

Bargain balm buys aren’t the only affordable beauty helpers Shaik relies on, either; in fact her favourite ‘weird’ trick is actually totally free. Well, totally free if you have a set of cutlery and a working fridge on your side. “It may be old school but I still love the cold spoons under my eyes to help with puffiness,” Shaik confessed. Ever seen her eyes look puffy? Exactly. It works.

Skin care and self-care are actually one in the same for her.  “My perfect self-care day is getting up, cleansing my face and putting on facial sunscreen before going to a pilates workout. [After that, it’d be] coming home to a face mask and moisturiser," she shares. Her skin care/self-care routine also extends to her body: “I love an extremely rich body moisturiser which I use daily and sometimes twice a day especially when I am travelling and I want to stay hydrated.”

Shaik doesn’t rule out a treatment from time to time, though: “I have done some Russian bath saunas in the past which were incredibly hot,” she shares of the most intense one she’s tried. “However, I did feel great afterwards. They are supposed to be great for your overall health.”

Shanina Shaik’s makeup routine

Shaik keeps things pretty low-key on a daily basis, opting for a glowy, golden aesthetic. “My everyday makeup look is very minimalistic with dewy, bronzed skin being a must. I usually use the Giorgio Armani [Luminous Silk] Foundation ($105 at David Jones) for a glowy base, Tom Ford [Soleil Glow] Bronzer ($105 at David Jones) and a Dior Beauty lip to pull it altogether," she explains. Shaik didn't specify her favourite lip shade, but the Dior Addict Stellar Shine in CD-Dream ($59 at David Jones) looks like the ideal everyday glossy neutral to us.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Tom Ford Soleil Glow Bronzer


If she’s after something a little flashier, however, a cat eye is another of Shaik's go-tos. Luckily, she learnt her liner technique from the absolute best. “One of the best beauty tips I received was actually from one of my favourite makeup artists, Pat McGrath, on set," she explains. "She taught me how important it is to find the right liner for your eye shape so you can master the cat eye look."

"For me, I must use a thin liner and one of the best is from Chanel Beauty. It’s taken some time however I believe I have finally nailed a cat eye thanks to Pat.” We'd agree there; it's hard to beat the Chanel Intense Longwear Eyeliner Pen ($59 at David Jones).

Chanel Intense Longwear Eyeliner Pen

Shanina Shaik’s hair routine

As for her haircare routine, Shaik tends to keep it simple by sticking to one brand (with a name you'll definitely recognise). “Augustinus Bader have a great range of haircare which I have been really loving at the moment. With the travelling that comes with modelling and lots of hot tools, I look for products which will keep my hair hydrated and super shiny.”

Augustinus Bader The Shampoo ($75 at Augustinus Bader) and Augustinus Bader The Conditioner ($75 at Augustinus Bader) are both waitlisted RN, but you can get your hands on Augustinus Bader The Hair Oil ($70 at Augustinus Bader) if you want to achieve Shaik-style gloss levels of your own.

Augustinus Bader The Shampoo

Augustinus Bader The Conditioner

Augustinus Bader The Hair Oil

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