Shay Mitchell shares her makeup and skin care secrets

Including the $2.60 product she loves

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 25 2017

Shay Mitchell is undoubtedly one of our favourite beauty muses due to the fact that she’s constantly changing her look and keeping us on our toes (just think of her edgy hair piercing and sneaky wig wearing ways).

So we were understandably delighted when the Pretty Little Liars actress sat down with Teen Vogue to talk all things beauty.

Here’s what we learnt:

#1 / Her favourite bargain buys

It turns out that Shay’s go-to beauty shopping destination is the chemist! In the interview she said “I have a lot of makeup from the drugstore. It’s my favourite place to shop, and I could do my entire face with drugstore makeup.”

She also revealed her favourite bargain buys and said “I love the Covergirl LashBlast Mascara and Vaseline for a bunch of different things, like as a cuticle treatment and balm.”

The best news? The mascara only costs $18.95 whilst a pot of Vaseline will set you back only $2.60!

#2 / Her go-to skin care routine

As Shay is constantly on set having her makeup applied, she’s experimented with a whole range of products and is now well acquainted with what works best for her skin.

“It’s important to moisturise,” she says, adding “you should find products that get along with your skin. Always take off your makeup at night, and wash your face in the morning!”

In addition, she says she loves coconut oil and likes to use a pore strip, once every two weeks to “get all the dirt and oil out.”

Covergirl LashBlast Mascara


Eco Care Organic Coconut Oil

#3 / How she manages her mane

As previously mentioned, Shay spends a lot of time getting glammed up, which tends to take a toll on her hair, leaving it damaged and dry. To combat this she makes sure to apply a hair treatment to her tresses once a week and leaves it in for about an hour before rinsing to leave her hair refreshed and healthy.

Image credit: @shaym

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