3 ways to get better-looking hair

3 ways to get better-looking hair - Olivia Palermo

A little care will go a long way

New Idea New Idea and WHO Executive Beauty Editor / August 18 2017

Unruly, damaged hair isn’t a lost cause. It just needs some TLC, and the right products to get it back on track to being beautiful. For better hair that looks good the minute you spring out of bed, these essential steps will fix your top hair woes.


Make your mane glossy

Use the right amount of product in the right areas. Concentrate shampoo on the first few centimetres, where you get the most oil and product build-up. Only condition your mid-lengths and ends, where hair is dry and prone to split ends. When it comes to the post-conditioner rinse – the colder the water, the better. Cooler water closes the hair’s cuticle so it lays flat and promotes shine.

Product to try: Richard Ward Keratin Restore Conditioner

Richard Ward Keratin Restore Conditioner


Anti-age your tresses

You might not be able to give your hair a break from hot tools, but you can invest in an appliance with built-in protection, and layer it with a heat-protect styling product.

Product to try: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


Soften your strands

A weekly conditioning treatment will give you touchable, manageable hair. Put it on while doing chores to maximise the application time for better results.

Product to try: Sukin Protein Hair Treatment

Sukin Protein Hair Treatment

If your hair still needs a little extra help, you may need to add this vital step to your hair routine.

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