3 steps to get shiny hair

Simple secrets to upping your hair game

New Idea Contributor / July 29 2016

If there's one trait we all want in our hair, it's for it to be shiny. Glossy tresses are the epitome of health. Plus, it's hard to have a bad hair day when your mane has a gorgeous sheen! Here's three simple steps to follow for shiny-looking hair every day of the week.


Start when hair is damp

Before you blow-dry your hair, add a lightweight shine spray just on the mid-lengths and ends, and comb through. The ingredients from the products absorb far better into each hair strand than when dry, and – most importantly – you wont end up with oily hair, says celebrity hairdresser Anthony Nader at Sydneys RAW. Try Charles Worthington Shine Booster All Over Gloss Spray.


Go straight

Straight hair has great natural shine because its flat cuticle is highly reflective,” says Aleks Abadia of Esstudio Galleria in Sydney. Just make sure you use a heat protectant when using a hair straightener or you’ll do damage, which in turn can leave hair broken and dull. Try L’Oréal Paris Elnett Heat Protect Spray – Volume.


Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

“It’s all about treatments. Frizzy and dull hair is hair that is damaged. The best prevention is to use a hydrating treatment at least once a week, which will strengthen your hair and allow it to rebuild itself,” says celebrity hairdresser Charles Worthington. Try Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment.

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