Doing this move in every workout will sculpt a six-pack faster

Got cheese to grate on those abs?

August 18 2020

Contrary to what you likely learned in your high school gym class, you can give your core a decent workout without resorting to sit-ups. In fact, if you’re looking for a move that ticks all the boxes (incl. the muscles that frame the belly button and the internal and external obliques) allow us to introduce you to – drumroll please – Russian twists. 

“The benefit of the Russian twist is [it helps with] our ability to move in a different plane of motion and focus on utilising our obliques—a portion of our abs that often gets disregarded in normal routines,” Ladder coach Sam Tooley said in an interview with Well & Good.  “This is a simple movement and one that can be made more challenging by adding additional load or tension.”


Quick recap: the term ‘oblique’ refers to the sides of your abs from your hips to your rib cage. And while crunches and planks are great for working the rectus abdominis (aka your mid-section), they’re not as effective at targeting these hard-to-reach areas. The bonus of doing Russian Twists on the reg? Everyday actions (say, bending down or twisting to reach for something) will become much, much easier.

Below, Sam takes us through the move step-by-step.

1. To set up for the strictly bodyweight version of this move, go ahead and come to a seat on the floor or a yoga mat.

2. Lean back slightly without arching your back. Bend your knees and raise your heels off the floor. (Or, you can keep them just brushing the floor for more support.) For added balance, you can cross your ankles. Or, for an extra challenge, try to glue your legs together as you start to move. Extend your arms straight out in front of your or clasp them together

3. From this starting position, focus on broadening your chest and hollowing out your belly. Rotate your entire torso in one unit as you point your fingertips to the left side. Come back to centre, then repeat that same move on the right. Continue alternating sides until you’re feeling your core all over.

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