Sophie Turner's lip balm hack is hilarious

And kind of hygienic

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / June 02 2022

Sophie Turner basically works part-time as a professional spiller of tea.

So as you can imagine, we were pretty damn interested to hear what the Game Of Thrones actress had to say when she recently starred in an episode of Vogue UK’s ‘In The Bag’ YouTube series; we’re still hanging out for the updated Sophie Turner skin care routine TBH. 

After pulling out a plethora of food items, her wallet, and a wedding photo from her Louis Vuitton Twist meets Mary Poppins bag, Turner pulled out a familiar beauty product. 

“Okay next up: Vaseline [Lip Therapy Original] ($4.99 at Priceline). It’s my lip balm, ol’ trusty Vaseline, you can’t go wrong with it,” Turner plainly stated.

Image credit: VOGUE UK

Vaseline Lip Therapy Original

Now, we weren’t that surprised to see the budget-friendly pick pop up in Turner’s handbag haul; Vaseline is a cult product in its own right. Everyone on TikTok is using Vaseline as eye cream for crying out loud. 

As far as Turner’s concerned though, her tiny tin of Vaseline has a singular purpose, and she’s not afraid to go to extreme lengths to keep it that way.

“I tend to like to put on my lip balm by kissing it,” said Turner in the video. “You know when your friends like to rub their fingers in it and stuff? I don’t let them do that. This is mine.” 

Wow, you heard her folks – hands off Turner’s Vaseline.

“I just go [like this],” she went on to say as she gently smooched her lip balm demonstratively, “and then it’s on.”

“I don’t want grubby nails in my Vaseline, you know what I mean?” she mused. 

“If you’ve picked your nose and then you’re gonna put your nails in my Vaseline, I’m not gonna put it on my lips – just so you know.” 

Yeah, you know what? Fair enough. 

Now that you mention it, we may need to put a strictly prohibited label on our own lip balm to keep our friends’ mucky mitts off the stuff…

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