Sophie Turner's skin care routine and best-kept beauty secrets

And the pharmacy find she bills ‘a lifesaver’

Digital Beauty Editor / March 22 2021

The chance to lounge around in bed (in extremely chic robes, may we add) chatting all things beauty with Sophie Turner via Zoom is one we'd definitely welcome.

Until we're presented with it ourselves, though (any day now, we're sure), we'll have to settle for living vicariously through Christian Wood, Turner's long-time hair stylist and pal, who had the pleasure of quizzing her on all her beauty favourites (from memories to products and hacks) via a recent IGTV segment.

Not one to disappoint, Turner revealed the products she's living for in isolation, the surprising beauty hack she learnt from her sister-in-law, and the hair and makeup look that stands out as her biggest beauty blunder...



The first subject they covered? Turner’s skin care routine (for which we are forever thankful, the girl’s definitely got a glow).

“I clean my skin first, just with normal micellar water, because it's super sensitive. It's so good and then you don’t have to wash your face after [because] it’s so refreshing.” While she didn't name her exact favourite formula, she says she picks it up at the local pharmacy whenever she's running low; so it's safe to say it's a bargain-status gem like Garnier.

The next two? Less bargain, more boujee. "I like to use a little combination of La Mer moisturiser and this [Rilastil Laboratori Milano cream] which I actually got in Italy right before coronavirus," she shares. Just like Turner herself, though, it looks as if we'll be waiting until travel resumes to stock up on this guy; but it sounds like it'll be worth the wait. "It’s totally changed my life; I have no idea what it says on the front or the back, but I just asked the woman at the pharmacy, I was like “my skin’s breaking out, can I have something [for that]?”," she laughs. "She gave me this, and it’s a lifesaver. It just calms your skin down. [I use it] as a moisturiser but it [also] just takes away any redness.”

As for nighttime, it's a pre-chilled mask she swears by. “In the evenings I’ve started using the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask because it’s so hot now in L.A. You leave it in your fridge all day, and then it’s so nice and cold, so refreshing. It has aloe in it so after being in the sun you can just put it on and it’s so calming and soothing. I use it every night; I leave it on overnight and it’s super hydrating. It’s got cucumber, papaya, chamomile, pineapple, and aloe. It’s a little lockdown treat. That’s all I’ve been doing is face masks and hair masks.” Honestly, relatable.

La Mer Creme De La Mer

Rilastil Labatori Milano

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask

The next topic? Beauty hacks. Because though we’re more than happy to take advice straight from Turner herself, it turns out she actually gets it from sister-in-law Priyanka Chopra. Naming the best tip she’d learnt from a fellow celeb, Turner’s answer was less Hollywood and more close to home.

“I have to say Priyanka does these videos–they’re like makeshift hair and face masks, and they’re really interesting. [Like with the scalp mask how-to she did, I learnt] you’ve got to stimulate the follicles [for healthy hair].” Cue Wood’s own mask recipe recommendation: a yoghurt, honey, baking soda and lemon combo, which Turner said she’d have to try ASAP.

And while she’s definitely established herself as a mainstay on our hair and makeup moodboards, Turner says her history is as littered with beauty faux pas as anyone’s. The only difference? Some of hers happened on red carpets. Recalling a time before her phenomenal glam squad were in the picture, she shared her previous affinity for on-the-go application.

“For my first ever red carpet, I did my hair, makeup, everything, myself, and I did it on the train,” she chuckles. “I plugged my straightener in on the train and I was doing my hair and makeup on the way down. I did a high pony, it was pretty good,” she laughs, seemingly with a hint of sarcasm.


Something she's dead serious about, however? Beauty sleep. Turner does not mess around when it comes to her pillowcase game.

"What I've learnt about beauty is that it's not necessarily just about [your] face. Silk pillows, by Slip [are] the greatest invention of all," she told Harper's Bazaar U.K. re: her pillowcase preference. "They keep your skin soft, they keep your hair soft; you sleep on them, you wake up and you look so refreshed. It's really good for everything."

She didn't shout out any specific shade, but we are big fans of this pretty pink...

Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase

Main image credit: @georgieeisdell

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