Exclusive: Steph Claire Smith’s pre-wedding skin prep

Exclusive: Steph Claire Smith’s Pre-Wedding Skin Prep

Including her favourite treatments and products

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / November 22 2019

Considering how incredible Steph’s skin is looking, of course we wanted to know all the deets on the treatments and products she’s been using. To get the full lowdown, we chatted with Liberty Belle Skin Centre’s co-founder and CEO, Andrea Moss. 

Here’s our exclusive interview with Andrea on Steph’s pre-wedding skin prep.

What skin treatments has Steph been having in the leadup to her wedding?
“Steph has been coming to Liberty Belle Skin Centre for four years. Her favourite facial is the Belle Dermasweep. In the lead-up to her wedding we developed a treatment plan to make sure her skin looked it’s best for her big day. Five months ago, we organised for her to have a Belle Dermasweep more frequently - spaced six weeks apart from each other. Then in the last month she had a Belle Dermasweep four weeks out from the wedding and then another Dermasweep combined with a Pellevé treatment three days before the wedding day.

Pellevé is an amazing radio frequency skin tightening treatment that is SO popular pre-event and for brides. It visibly lifts and plumps the skin (by gradually building up heat in the deeper layers of the skin which in turn causes contraction and stimulation of new collagen. Improvements do continue for the next six months, however this treatment is best performed a few days before the wedding).She also kept up laser hair removal.”

Are there any key products she’s been using in her skin care regimen to prepare for the big day?
“Steph’s favourite eye gel of all time is the Liberty Belle Rx Eye Do Peptide Wrinkle Defence Eye Gel. It’s amazing and treats fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, skin tone and texture. Steph will definitely be wearing it when she gets married tomorrow! Steph also loves our targeted serums: Glam Squad (HA³ + B3 + B5 Hydrating Serum) and Next Level (Tri-C Brightening Serum). They’re both silicone-free and full of antioxidants and other great actives you need glowing, healthy and radiant skin.”

What is your best advice for someone wanting to get their skin wedding ready?
“Don’t leave it until the last minute! While we have some amazing treatments that will get your skin looking amazing a few days before (like the Pellevé or Thermage), if you have something like pigmentation, blemishes or even obvious pores – then you need to get working on a plan at least six months prior to your wedding. Also, invest in ‘clean’ active skincare as your in-between treatment home care. This will expedite your results and make the treatments work harder.”

As it turns out, Steph hasn't been the only one prepping her skin, says Andrea...
“Steph’s soon to be husband, Josh Miller, and her beloved mum Wendy have also been to see us to prepare their skin for the big day. Josh came in a week before and had a Belle Dermasweep which is the most common treatment performed on men. Wendy had the Belle Dermasweep and Pellevé combination treatment a few days prior (which takes 90 minutes) so she’s looking fresh, plump and glowing for the day.” 

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What are your favourite skin treatments when you’re getting ready for a big event? Let us know in the comments.

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