How Steph Claire Smith is getting her body wedding-ready

How Steph Claire Smith Is Getting Her Body Wedding-Ready

“Let's talk #WEDSHRED”

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 28 2020

But, if you assumed the fitness influencer’s pre-wedding body prep would involve a strict diet and punishing workout regimen, you might be surprised…

“Let’s talk #WEDSHRED,” Steph declared on Instagram before going on to spill the deets on her personal diet and exercise approach ahead of her upcoming nuptials.

“So many of you have messaged me asking what I’m doing in the lead up to the wedding and my answer is... nothing outside of the usual! I love working out, I love eating well, but I also love pizza, cheese, wine and chocolate and I haven’t deprived myself of any of those things leading up to the wedding. Why? Because when I’m too strict on myself I’m not happy, and I’d rather be happy in the lead up to the wedding,” Steph said.

“Sure I’d like to feel my best on my wedding day, but ‘my best’ isn’t my skinniest, and who the heck made up the idea that we HAVE to look our best on our wedding day anyway,” Steph continued.

“I cannot wait to walk down that aisle towards the love of my life that loves me for me, because whenever I’m around him I honestly feel my best anyway.”

We think Steph’s approach to wedding prep is very holistic. Although she’s getting in some decent workouts and eating right, she’s also taking care of her mental health by allowing herself to have some treats when she feels like it as she knows that keeps her feeling happy.

As they say – it’s all about balance – and Steph seems like she’s got her personal regimen perfectly balanced. 

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