The heat-free way to style your hair

No tongs or straighteners needed!

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / February 23 2017

When the temperature is still soaring,  the last thing you likely feel like doing is reaching for a tong or straightener to style your hair into shape. One clever solution that’s caught our eye is to simply use your fingers and a few products to instantly add texture and shape to your hair. Here, Violet Sainsbury, International Education Manager of Moroccanoil, shares her best tips.


Start fresh

Begin with a clean canvas; so wash your hair and towel-dry it until it is just damp.


Nourish the ends

Apply two drops of a hydrating hair oil, like Moroccanoil Original Treatment or Redken Diamond Oil Shine Medium, from your mid-lengths to the ends to prep and hydrate your hair.


Divide it up

Separate your hair horizontally into two sections (a top and a bottom section) and clip the top section away.


Add grit

Distribute a ping pong ball-sized amount of hair mousse (like Moroccanoil Beach Wave Mousse) into your palm, and work it into your hair. “Work it through the bottom section, from roots to ends, then do the same to the top section,” explains Sainsbury.


Boost texture

Then, take random sections of hair and wrap it around your fingers to create texture. “Depending on the size of the wave you’re after, use one or two fingers, and avoid wrapping your hair too tightly,” says Sainsbury. Hold for approximately 10 seconds, then let it drop.


Let it dry

As your hair will still be slightly damp, let it naturally dry. Or, if you’re feeling impatient, gently dry it off with a hair dryer and diffuser attachment. “You don’t want to encourage any extra volume,” says Sainsbury. “Once hair is dry, gently break up the curls with a tooth comb, curl by curl.”


Finish it off

Finalise your look with some hairspray, like TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray, to set your hair in place.


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