Taylor Hill is the new face of Lancôme

The Victoria’s Secret model has scored the beauty contract of her dreams

Contributor / May 25 2017

Victoria’s Secret model Taylor hill has just landed her biggest gig yet – she’s officially the new face of Lancôme. At just 20 years old, Taylor is the youngest ambassador the beauty giant have ever had, joining fellow legates Julia Roberts, Lupita Nyong'o and Lily Collins of the Lancôme family.

Taylor took to Instagram to share her excitement, posting: "I am so excited and happy to announce that I will be joining the Lancôme family as their newest face!!! This an amazing day and I cannot believe one of my biggest dreams has come true!!"The model expressed. "Thank you so much to everyone at Lancôme for believing in me and having me a part of your amazing family."

Taylor has already accomplished an impressive amount within her career. The young model has a whopping 4.1 Instagram following, a regular for shows like Chanel and Givenchy, and currently the youngest Victoria Secret Angel.

Lancôme’s international general manager Françoise Lehmann spoke of Taylor’s incredible talent and natural beauty, making her the perfect mold for the brand.

"She is a very inspiring young woman for her generation: She is immensely curious, open-minded and has a positive outlook on life,” he explained. “We are delighted about this new collaboration with Taylor, who represents a modern Lancôme, in harmony with its time, with a subtle mix of sensuality, ingenuousness and sweet yet striking beauty.”

Images: Getty & taylorhillinstagram

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