Even Taylor Swift's 'Eras Tour' manicure is an Easter egg

"What if I told you I'm a (manicure) mastermind?"

Editor / March 22 2023

Every artist has a different goal: winning multiple Grammys, travelling the globe, nabbing an Oscar nom for a song... But as a lover of both subliminal messaging and snazzy manicures, Taylor Swift seems to have hit hers: recording the perfect amount of albums to fit into one repertoire-inspired nail look. After all, she's ticked off all the aforementioned goals already anyway!

As Swift embarks on her highly-anticipated (like crashed-Ticketmaster-level anticipated) run of The Eras Tour, she’s celebrating her discography in manicure form as well as the musical kind.

Take a look!


The meaning behind Taylor Swift's 'The Eras Tour' manicure

Of course, any Swiftie worth their salt in sleuthing knows that hunting for Easter eggs in Swift’s work is equal parts exhilarating and exhausting. It's been a particularly tiring time lately, though! With five album releases over the last three years (three new, two Taylor Version re-records) there’s been a whole lot of guesswork to be done.

Sometimes it’s nice to just have the answers delivered directly to you. So that’s what Swift did: she made it simple. A real rarity, we must add.

Each perfectly coiffed claw represented an album's era, spanning from metallic teal for her self-titled debut to glitzy midnight blue for her most recent release 'Midnights'. Just in case your brain doesn't rotate Swift album covers on loop (like ours do), here’s a full breakdown...

Fans were (obviously) quick to spot the correlation, and soon began creating 'Eras manicures' of their own. “I immediately knew this. The Swifties have trained me too well," one wrote on a TikTok breakdown of the mani.

The funniest comment we spied? One that continued the classic/comical conspiracy of ‘Swift hates 'Evermore'', noting that its nail was the only one with plain neutral polish. “I don’t think she has anything on for evermore, it looks like a normal finger, she forgot about evermore," the fan wrote.

TikTok's 'Eras manicure' trend

It turns out some Swifties have been creating 'Eras manicures' since the tenth album dropped. “This has been a fan trend since midnights came out! She’s doing it as a way to relate to the fans,” one follower shared.

Of course, Swift getting involved basically proves that she's scrolling TikTok. In fact, she confessed she is, ironically shutting down the 'Evermore' rumours during a recent show. “The 'Evermore' album [is] an album I absolutely love... despite what some of you say on TikTok,” she quipped. “I see it. I’ve seen all of it." Careful, kids; Blondie's watching!

Fellow fans are also keeping a close eye on the Eras nails gracing their For You pages. Creators (like the stunning Swiftie below) have been interpreting the albums in their own way, but others have pressing questions about why they selected each style. "soo cute but why is evermore red?", one commenter asked, while another backed them up: "Is it just me or am I the only one that thinks evermore is a green shade?"

Honestly, we understand both. The songs feel mossy green, but the album cover does feature an orange-red overcoat. And Swift herself sees it as beige! Tricky business...

Whether you're attending a show or simply scream-singing the songs in your room (ahem, us), we encourage you to post your own Eras nails. Just be prepared to defend your colour choices in the comments with your life.

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