Taylor Swift wears *this* Rare Beauty product

At least according to TikTok

Beauty Editor / August 21 2023

No matter where you’re doing your viewing of 'The Eras Tour' - the nosebleeds, at home in bed, the VIP area or in the mosh getting joyously elbowed in the face by fellow Swifties - there are a few things you’re guaranteed to experience. The first being? The performance of a lifetime, obviously. Plus, two acoustic surprise songs and without a doubt, a beautiful (and near-blinding) pearly-sheen highlight reflecting off Swift's cheekbones.

Up until this point, Swift’s Eras Tour makeup has been credited entirely to the Pat McGrath range. However, the internet feels there's one exception.

In fact, according to TikTok, Swift's highlighter is believed to be none other than the Rare Beauty Positive Light Silky Touch Highlighter ($44 at Sephora).

Sure, Swift might be yet to actually confirm this but if there’s one thing we know about our girl, it's that she's a supportive friend. And quite frankly we’d be doing her a grave disservice to think she was wasn't regularly wearing her BFF Selena Gomez's own makeup line.

First brought to our attention by TikTok creator @caarolipa, the clip (which has since amassed over 700k views) shows a side-by-side of Swift’s iridescent cheekbone against the Rare Beauty highlighter in the sold-out shade ‘Enlighten’.

We didn't even need to watch the entire clip through before becoming unequivocally convinced. Sorry but you can't argue with that kind of evidence...

And it seems we weren't alone. One user left the comment "of course it's Rare Beauty. Queen besties,” and another said: “it has to be Rare Beauty, her and Selena are like besties." Facts. 


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