This Aussie-made serum racked up a waitlist of 28,000 in just 3 days

So what's all the fuss about?

Editor / February 23 2022

It was only a matter of time before an Aussie brand partnered with science-led skin care guru Hannah English on a product. And that's exactly what tbh skincare has done for their latest launch: Rebound Serum ($68 at

As a pharmaceutical scientist, English has gained a loyal audience thanks to her myth-busting, no BS approach to skin care. So when it came to developing the serum alongside brand founder Rachael Tyers, her approach was no different.

"I find a lot of messaging with breakouts is still centred around attacking them, but really our skin thrives when it’s calm and supported," she said. "A lot of the time, giving it the hydration it needs can make the world of difference."

After revealing the project, the serum amassed a waitlist of over 28,000 in just three days and has been selling every 7 seconds since its official launch on 24th February. So, just what's so special about it?

The product details

With a wealth of knowledge on ingredients, English's hand in a product was always going to result in a hard-working formula.

Niacinamide and panthenol both feature at carefully-chosen concentrations, followed by skin-strengthening ceramides and cholesterol. The latter, which is often used in context as being bad for the heart, is similar to ceramides in that it occurs naturally in the skin's barrier to keep the environment out and water in.

See? English is always teaching us something.

On the topic of these inclusions, she said: "They’re in Rebound to do something, not to look pretty on the ingredient list."


As for who the serum is for, anyone experiencing angry, inflammed or damaged skin is bound to benefit. tbh skincare is known for providing excellent acne and breakout-prone solutions and this serum is no different.

It's made to slot into A.M. and P.M. routines after cleansing and before your following skin care.

Our tbh Rebound serum review

First things first, this is one aesthetically-pleasing product. The teal addition to the classic orangey-reds of tbh in a sunset ombré design is a shelfie dream.

The pump packaging dispenses a creamy-clear serum that leans towards gel in texture and feels silky smooth to apply.

tbh rebound serum, $68 at

For lack of a better way to describe it, this serum is really inoffensive in every way possible. It has no fragrance, feels comfortable and soothing on the skin, and absorbs well. It has a slightly tacky finish akin to some hyaluronic acid serums but there was no pilling (there's also a chance we applied too much, we're only human).

You can immediately tell that it would provide immense comfort to distressed skin. It's exactly the kind of product we'll be reaching for the next time we overdo it with the actives or our skin throws a breakout tantrum.

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