Podcast: The concealers that’ll help you ditch your dark circles

Also: The lowdown on dermaplaning & how to be better at hair masking

Editor / July 29 2019

Finding that perfect combination of a concealer formulation and the right application technique is pretty much at the top of the wish list for any overworked, sleep-deprived, stressed, or genetically unblessed woman with dark circles (sooo….pretty much all of us). 

In this episode of Get Lippy, Sally dishes out her tips on how to find your concealer shade, some application tips to conceal like a pro, plus the girls share their no-fail concealers for dark circles that will help your under-eye area look fresh and bright. 

Also in this ep: Carli talks all things facial shaving, AKA dermaplaning (including if you’ll grow a beard afterwards), and Bettina – she who is obsessed with hair masking – shares her wisdom on the easy way everyone (including the laziest of people) can do a hair treatment every week. 

Tune in below!

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