The dos and don’ts of cleansing

Are you doing this crucial steps correctly?

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 25 2017

Cleansing is as easy as wetting your face, lathering up with a cleanser and rinsing, right? We believe otherwise. As the first step to your skin care regimen, it serves as an important base to other skin care products that follow, such as toner, serum and moisturiser. And while you may think you’ve got the process sorted, there’s always room for improvement. Ultraceuticals Global Education Ambassador, Tracey Beeby, shares her best advice on the subject.

Do: Cleanse your skin for longer than a minute

You know to brush your teeth for a full two minutes, but what about your face? Unsurprisingly, your facial skin needs just the same amount of love, if not more. “Cleansing is the first critical step in everyone's skin care routine and will enable all other products applied to absorb and perform their role in the skin as required,” says Beeby. “Generally, going for three to five minutes at night and just a few minutes in the morning is enough to cleanse the skin thoroughly.”

Don’t: Only use coconut oil to wash your face

While natural products have been on the rise in popularity, especially for those with sensitive skin, Beeby advises against using just this kitchen ingredient. “It is possible that coconut oil can strip vital moisture from the skin and cause dehydration. Fortunately, these days with the advancements in technology we are able to use sophisticated ingredients that work to optimise moisture levels within the skin while also cleansing.”

Do: Use face wash in the morning

It may be quick and easy to rinse your face cloth in the morning with hot water and use it to wash away a night’s worth of grime, but Beeby recommends going for a proper cleansing solution. “Using a face cloth is not the same as washing your face with cleanser,” says Beeby. “Our skin, as we sleep, loses a considerable amount of moisture so is left with a film over it in the mornings. This must be removed thoroughly so that the full benefit of daily treatment products is achieved.”

Don’t: Just rely on face wipes

We get it - after a big night out, the last thing you feel like doing is completing your 12-step routine, so a disposable face wipe is a lifesaver when it comes to getting your makeup off. However, they should never be used long-term day and night in place of your regular cleanser. “Cleansing wipes generally have alcohol and harsh surfactants in them to dissolve makeup efficiently,” explains Beeby. “When cleansing the skin, it's essential the skin's barrier is maintained at optimum strength without stripping, this is why we don't use soap.”

Do: Use the right formula for your skin type

This may seem like a no-brainer, but try and avoid sharing cleansers with your partner or housemates if you have different skin types. However, Beeby shares her exception to the rule: “As a general rule this is correct, however it is dependent on the formulation of the cleanser. At Ultraceuticals, we use gentle surfactants derived from coconut, that will cleanse gently even in a foam cleanser. We found that sometimes even people with dry skin prefer to use a cleanser that they can lather, this way we know it won't strip and damage their skin.”

Don’t: Persevere with a cleanser that’s not right for your skin

It’s a complete myth that your skin needs to adjust to cleansers. Here’s how to know when to stop using something: “You may notice that your skin feels tight following cleansing with increased redness and sensitivity,” explains Beeby.

Do: Double-cleanse

Out of habit, you’d probably use your cleanser twice in the shower especially if you’re wearing heavy makeup. And we’re all for it. “Double cleansing is essential particularly in the evening when makeup has been worn during the day,” says Beeby. “The first cleanse will remove the outer layer of pollution and makeup; the second cleanse will thoroughly clean the pores to remove any left-over residue of what the skin has accumulated during the day.”


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Now that you know the dos and don’ts about cleansing, it’s time to move onto your next skin care steps. Check out this gallery to discover the best serums and the best moisturisers according to InStyle.

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