The genius brush cleaning hack that involves LEGO


And it’s all thanks to one Reddit user

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / July 13 2017

Recently, a slew of high-tech makeup brush cleaners have flooded the beauty market to much excitement and hype. And while these cleaners can be lifesavers for some, they do have the tendency to come with quite a hefty price tag, which is an expense some of us are not able to justify.

However, brushes must still be cleaned (need proof – here’s the not-so-pretty truth as to why you must clean your brushes regularly)!

That’s why we simply had to share the genius (and super affordable) brush cleaning hack one Reddit user came up with; a hack we certainly had never thought of before. Reddit user happyidiot3791 revealed that she uses a single LEGO base plate, soap of her choosing and water to clean her makeup brushes.

If you’re still not understanding the genius behind this idea, here’s how she does it: When her brushes are in need of a good clean, she places the LEGO base plate at the bottom of the sink before pouring soap on top and turning on the tap. She then swishes her brushes over the base plate’s “bumps and grooves” to remove the build-up of dirt, makeup and oil from the brushes fibres. It’s genius!

Alternatively, if you ditched your childhood LEGO set years ago, a range of beauty brands offer makeup cleaning pads that provide a similar function to the base plate. If you’re looking to pick one up for yourself we recommend checking out Sigma Beauty Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat, Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette or Mecca Max Beauty Bullet Brush Cleaning Pad, which launches in stores on August 1st.

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat

Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette

Mecca Max Beauty Bullet Brush Cleaning Pad

If you prefer a hands-free approach to cleaning your brushes, then this automatic brush cleaner is the gadget for you.

How do you clean your brushes? What method or products do you use, and how often do you clean them? Let us know what in the comments section below.

Image credit: Getty; Reddit

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