The most burning beauty questions of 2016

And the need-to-know answers to them!

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

We would be lost without Google. From self-diagnosing illnesses to losing hours watching cat videos, it is a part of our everyday lives. And when it comes to our biggest beauty questions, were not shy to turn to the Internet for answers. So when Google released a list of the most searched beauty questions of the year, we were very interested to see what the world has been asking, and whether or not we could tick them off the list as well and truly answered!

Here are the top three beauty questions you wanted to know the answer to this year:

#3 / How to shape eyebrows

With the return of bold brows (Cara Delevingne, we’re looking at you) it’s no wonder this question has been searched so often. Having your eyebrows shaped correctly is crucial for not only framing your face but it can also make a huge difference to your makeup look. This year we spoke to brow expert Amy Jean who shared exactly how to get the perfect arch. And if you’re struggling to find the right shape for your face, see our celebrity brow guide.

Cara Delevingne

Emma Watson

Lily Collins

#2 / How to make hair grow faster

Looks like long hair was on the wish list for us this year. While there is no single treatment or product that can be credited for making hair grow faster, a few strategies include brushing your hair to stimulate the hair follicles, getting regular trims at the hairdresser to keep the strands healthy, and eating nutrient-rich foods such as salmon (which Victoria Beckham also swears by for keeping her skin clear). If you already have long hair, here are fresh ways to style your tresses.

#1 / How to do a fishtail braid

Lo and behold the elusive fishtail braid has taken out the top spot. It very clearly took over the celebrity world this year (we especially loved Blake Lively's and Lea Michele's), and obviously we all wanted to know how to replicate the hairstyle. Good thing we have this step-by-step guide on how to achieve the perfect fishtail.

Blake Lively

Lea Michele


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