The new high-tech facials

Forget relaxing, these treatments deliver real results

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

There are facials that are meant to help you relax while pampering your skin with luxurious products, and then there are the facials that skip the holistic approach and get straight to business, delivering serious results. These facials are the latter. Here are three high-tech facials that were road-tested by Preventions beauty team.

Babor HSR Lifting Facial

Trialled by: Caelia Corse, Prevention Beauty Director

Best for: Lifting skin thats losing firmness

Is your face fighting gravityand losing? As we age, our face can lose the fullness of youth, and the nasolabial folds, wrinkles at the corners of our mouth and on our neck can become more prominent. It can also feel like the jawline isnt as defined as it once was, not to mention the dreaded turkey neck! If youve ever stood in the bathroom mirror, pulling at your face wondering what youd look like with a face lift – this facial is for you.

How it works: The new HSR Lifting Facial delivers a cocktail of five potent active ingredients that work in synergy to target different wrinkles – but heres the best thing – the treatment incorporates a revolutionary mechanical HSR Lifting Face Line Mask, which is literally strapped to your face like a soothing and relaxing tourniquet to visibly contour and define the jaw line. For me, the results were visibly lifted skin. No faux bathroom face lift required! I also felt my skin was more hydrated and maintained a gorgeous glow in the days after.

Where to try it: Available in all Babor salons and spas nationally

Product to try at home: BABOR High Skin Refiner Lifting Extra Firming Cream

BABOR High Skin Refiner Lifting Extra Firming Cream

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Facial

Trialled by: Jacqui Mooney, Prevention Editor

Best for: Dull and dry 40+ skin

These days, everyone wants results. And that goes double when it comes to our skin. If youre like me and want better skin minus makeup then this 90-minute treatment ticks every box.

How it works: Powered by a trio of Swiss extremophile plants and algae, able to survive in even the harshest conditions, its specifically designed to make 40+ skin more resilient. First, my skin was analysed then deep cleansed with a super efficient three-minute peel before an application of soothing La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil to the face, neck and décolletage. Next, my entire face, including the eye area, was massaged with rose quartz crystals to boost circulation and dial down dark circles. The highlight? A hydrating mask and arm, leg and foot massage so relaxing I almost fell asleep. I walked away totally recharged and with skin that was visibly firmer and clearer. Five stars!

Where to try it: The Crown Spa Melbourne and Darling Spa Sydney

Product to try at home: la prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil

la prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil

Ultraceuticals Vitabrasian Treatment

Trialled by: Caelia Corse, Prevention Beauty Director

Best for: Rejuvenating skin in need of a reboot

Ever wished you could just turn your skin off, reboot and start again? Me too. A facial can be the answer – but sometimes theyre a little too feathery-touching and not quite the game changer we hope for. Not this treatment!

How it works: After whisking you away to a secret treatment room hidden behind the skin care counter, your therapist will give you a microdermabrasion (not very relaxing – but hang in there), followed by a series of sono infusions – vitamins A, B2 and a replenishing mask. It was quick, easy and there was no peeling, flaking or downtime. In the day after this treatment A LOT of people commented on my skin – including the head of a very well known skin care company. I truly did feel like Id powered up my complexion again. Plus the treatment is redeemable for product purchased on the day – so you can keep up the results at home. Total game changer.

Where to try it: David Jones Ultraceuticals counters

Product to try at home: Ultraceuticals Ultra Energising Mask

Ultraceuticals Ultra Energising Mask

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