The top hair and beauty trends TikTokers are loving

Curly girls this one’s for you

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / June 10 2021

When it comes to interesting beauty trends there is no better catalogue for all things weird and wonderful than TikTok.

The social media platform is home to everything from useful beauty tidbits to the downright scary (anyone remember Gorilla Glue girl?). 

LOOKFANTASTIC recently shared a report with the app’s top trending beauty and hair-related hashtags and to say TikTok users have varied tastes would be an understatement.

From decade-defying hair trends to artfully-minded makeup challenges – here’s what is going OFF in the world of TikTok.

Mullet – 2.1bn views

Billie Eilish has one, so does Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa and Rihanna. Yep, we think it’s fair to say the mullet isn’t going anywhere. TikTokers have been taking to the platform to snip their own locks in pursuit of the ‘business in the front, party in the back’ lifestyle synonymous with the shaggy ‘do.

Curls check – 1.7bn views

There’s nothing more satisfying than finally getting your curl care routine on lock, so why wouldn’t you take to TikTok to share the findings from your research in the confusing world of curl care.

Emoji makeup – 1.1bn views

Out of inspo for your makeup? Well, why not open up your phone and produce an artistic interpretation of your most-used emojis?

Lipstick challenge – 737.4m views

How proficient are you at applying your lipstick? This TikTok trend is here to put your lippy skills to the test.

Box braids – 550.2m views

At-home braid tutorials are all the rage in 2021, the highly-searched term is even trending on YouTube.

Euphoria makeup – 528.4m views

The HBO show that’s renowned for its inspired use of glitter and face jewels has only gone and started a TikTok trend. Channel your inner Rue and ugly cry glitter tears we say.

Curtain bangs – 475.8m views

We all love a French girl chic hair moment and nothing nails the vibe more than effortless curtain bangs. Snip your own like these TikTokers or head in salon for this trendy look.

Shower hair challenge – 474.5m views

To say the shower hair challenge gives us the ‘ick’ would be an understatement. While we always appreciate the type of queen who removes their shower hair from the drain, we would love it if these TikTokers would consider disposing of said hairs appropriately instead of stringing them up like some macabre wall hanging. *Shudders*.

Heatless curls – 457.5m views

If you want the type of cascading curls that rival Disney princesses then you can’t go past the heatless curls hashtag on TikTok. Warning: Curl envy likely.

Rice water for hair growth – 284.1m views

Rice water has been used for centuries by women in China to help with hair health, growth and shine. The inexpensive hair treatment has taken TikTok by storm with users brewing up jar-fulls of the stuff to douse their damaged strands.

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