You can ditch your razor thanks to this TikTok hair removal hack

Buh-bye pesky ingrowns!

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / February 07 2023

If you’re anything like us (hairy AF), then you know the struggle of trying to find a hair removal process that is just as effective as it is painless. 

Are you the type of person who really struggles with ingrown hairs? Do you have the kind of coarse strands that blunt any razor in a matter of seconds, while also still having the audacity to grow back with a disturbingly fast regularity? Yeah same, and we’re over it. 

Thankfully, TikTok users (AKA the Macgyver’s of the beauty community) have graced the yetis among us with a very practical hack, using a budget product pick that not only makes getting a clean shave a breeze but also extends the amount of time in-between pruning seshes. We’re not screaming, you’re screaming.

The product in question? SoftSheen-Carson Magic Fragrant Shaving Powder.

SoftSheen-Carson Magic Fragrant Shaving Powder

Now, we know what you’re thinking – what in the hell is a shaving powder? Well, it’s a depilatory powder which in layman's terms means it’s a chemical hair remover (kind of like Nair or Veet’s cream versions). 

Unlike typical depilatory products, this budget-friendly pick retails for just $23.85 on Amazon and all you need is two teaspoons (mixed with equal parts water) and you’re good to slather this onto whatever bodily hair you wish to remove. The stuff takes just 10 minutes to break down the keratin in the hair, allowing for easy removal by wiping the product off after application. The one kicker is the smell; it’s comparable to rotten eggs but according to one Amazon reviewer, the results are worth the stench.

“Alright... so I hate shaving. EFFING hate it and am always looking for alternatives. Saw some chick post about this cheap shaving powder and figured I’d give it a shot.”

“YOU GUYS. It smells like every rotten egg in the universe has joined together to revolt against the world, but it works like magic. No razor burn, no irritation like nair NO INGROWNS. No bumps - period! You can use it EVERYWHERE 😺😺😺😺 if you catch my drift.”

So join us (and plug up your noses) hairy friends as we ditch our razors. Dolphin smooth skin here we come!

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Main image credit: @dixiedamelio

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