Is TikTok’s ‘wet skin care’ hack the secret to glowing skin?

It’s even dermatologist approved

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / November 12 2021

The golden rule when it comes to TikTok skin care hacks is to ‘take everything with a pinch of salt’. 

And honestly, it’s a good rule to live by when you consider the app has told us to do things like banana peel facials in the past (word to the wise: just stick to exfoliating skin care).

But then some wizened TikTokers deliver little nuggets of skin care truths that are simple, efficacious and can actually change our skin for the better. 

The latest skin care trend that’s got folks talking? It’s called ‘wet skin care’ and this hydrating hack is actually really easy and a tip dermatologist’s have been touting for years (we even got told to give the trick a try when we tried Zebrafish Collective’s free derm consultation service).

Simply put, ‘wet skin care’ is just about providing a moist base for your skin care to layer on top in order to promote better absorption of all those precious (not to mention exxy) formulas. 

You can do this very easily by leaving water on your face post-cleanse, but a face mist works just as well too. 

“If you have wet skin and you put moisturiser on top you’re essentially trapping that moisture in the skin,” explained TikToker and cosmetic chemist @mynameisrifah.

“If you want your skin to be a lot more plump and a lot more hydrated you can definitely try this technique,” she went on to say to her viewers.

For Rifah’s full tips check out her TikTok tutorial below:

A few other TikTokers stand by the skin care hack too, taking to the app to share their experience utilising damp skin for product absorption:

After a face mist to give this hack a go yourself? Here are 6 hydrating face mists perfect for a thirsty complexion.

Main image credit: @dovecameron

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